This all looks familiar to Bears

December, 9, 2012
MINNEAPOLIS -- As Minnesota Viking marauder Adrian Peterson ran roughshod over the Chicago Bears' defense in the first quarter, trampling their hopes and stiff-arming their Super Bowl dreams, prayerful Bears fans looked to the sky. Specifically the roof.

Couldn't the Mall of America Field roof just a rip a few seams to postpone this beating? A little snow day?

If that was your thought, who could blame you?

At the time, as the Vikings built up a quick two-touchdown lead that turned out to be unbeatable, it looked as if the Bears' season was collapsing under the weight of injuries, inefficiency and inevitable regression to the mean.

With a 21-14 loss to the Vikings, the Bears' fourth loss in five games, it's beginning to look a lot like ... last year.

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Jon Greenberg

Jon Greenberg is a columnist for He has lived and worked in Chicago since 2003, and is a graduate of Ohio University and the University of Chicago.



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