Free tickets gone within 10 minutes

November, 23, 2014
Nov 23

DETROIT -- Minutes after the Lions made free tickets available for Monday night's rescheduled game between the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets, fans were being turned away from the box office at Ford Field.

The team originally planned on distributing tickets from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday, but fans scooped up all 500 tickets -- with a two-ticket limit per person -- within 10 minutes.

Scalpers quickly moved to sell the tickets on the streets outside the stadium, in one case asking $125 for a single ticket.

"This ain't a free game, man," one scalper said.

Meanwhile, the Bills tweeted out a photo of Ralph Wilson Stadium, where the process of removing the snow from last week's storms is still ongoing.

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A look at what's going on around and inside the New York Jets:

1. Must-win for Rex: It might be a Hail Mary at this point, but if the embattled Rex Ryan wants to keep hope alive, he needs to win Monday night in Detroit. We're talking about his job, of course.

The circumstances of the week have created a better-not-lose situation for the Jets. Instead of playing a road game in hostile and sloppy conditions at Ralph Wilson Stadium, they get to face the Buffalo Bills in a virtual neutral-site contest -- indoors. While the Jets enjoyed a normal (and, presumably, productive) week of practice in the comforts of their home facility, the Bills were snowed in for three days, flipping their world upside down. On Friday, the Bills were rounding up players on snowmobiles for a trip to the airport while the Jets were fine-tuning their game plan.

The Jets are healthy and well-rested, coming off a bye week in which Ryan tweaked the practice schedule in an attempt to eliminate their history of post-bye blues. Ryan, perhaps the most confident 2-8 coach in history, claimed his team has improved in a "zillion ways" since the Week 8 blowout loss to the Bills. Those words will be nothing more than empty bravado if they don't take care of business at Ford Field. Losing to a displaced and distracted team that hasn't scored a touchdown in 21 straight possessions probably would be the final nail in his coaching coffin.

2. Numbers don't add up: Consider the following statistics for a moment -- 6.5 sacks, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and zero interceptions. Pretty good year, right?

In this case, not exactly.

Those are the combined numbers for the Jets' past four first-round picks -- Quinton Coples, Dee Milliner, Sheldon Richardson and Calvin Pryor.

Aside from Richardson, the Jets aren't getting much production out of their most recent No. 1s. Milliner is out with a season-ending injury, but Coples (2.5 sacks) has regressed in his third season and Pryor has been a non-factor, resulting in a demotion. If you want to build through the draft, as the Jets do, the draft has to be the foundation, especially the top picks. The Jets are lacking in that area.

3. Growing pains: Pryor is going through a tough time, having lost his job to Jaiquawn Jarrett, but the organization's hope is that he emerges from this and finishes on an upbeat note, as Milliner did last season. Milliner never lost his starting job, but he was benched in three games, raising questions about his ability to succeed on this level. The coaching staff handled him properly, teaching him a lesson but providing a chance to redeem himself. It's the same deal with Pryor.

Asked if he's interested to see how Pryor responds, defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman said: "Very. We love Calvin. He is a good player -- we drafted him where we drafted him for a reason. He's going to be an excellent pro. He's going to get his opportunities to play, (and) he has to go out there and perform. It’s a performance-based business."

And, presumably, he will show up on time for meetings.

4. C.J. loves to YAC: This might surprise some folks. Chris Johnson isn't known as a "contact" running back, but he's averaging 2.15 yards-after-contact per rush -- 10th in the league, according to ESPN Stats & Information. A year ago, he averaged only 1.29 with the Tennessee Titans -- 46th. Why the sudden improvement? Johnson attributed last season's low number to the fact that he played most of the season with a torn meniscus in his knee.

"That affects you as far as breaking tackles and fighting for extra yards," he said. "Last year, I wasn't as good as far as making people miss and breaking tackles, because I was dealing with that injury. That's something I really wanted to improve on."

As part of his rehab from knee surgery, Johnson employed an intensive leg-strengthening program. Now, he believes, his legs are as strong as they've ever been. And fresh, too.

"I'm not even at 100 carries," said Johnson, who has expressed frustration with his reduced role.

5. It's 1989 all over again: I'd be lying if I said I anticipated a bad season for the Jets, but I remember telling a colleague after the season-ending win against the Miami Dolphins that the situation had a 1988 feel to it. For the younger fans, let me explain. The Jets finished the '88 season with an 8-7-1 record, stunning the New York Giants in the finale. Al Toon caught the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds, ruining the Giants' playoff bid. The Jets were euphoric, convinced they were on the right track. Sound familiar?

Those old Jets bottomed out the following year with a 4-12 finish that resulted in an organizational house cleaning. The current Jets are headed toward a similarly disappointing season, making last season's 8-8 record (and the wild locker-room scene with Ryan and Idzik) seem like a lifetime ago. Moral of the story: Don't get sucked into late-season success; it creates false hope.

6. Castoff shines in Tampa: Remember Danny Lansanah? He spent last season on the Jets' practice squad, waiting for a chance that never came. He got a shot with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and he's making the most of it. Starting at strongside linebacker, Lansanah has three interceptions, including two touchdown returns. He was signed off the Jets' practice squad late last season, appearing in the Bucs' final game. He became only the 12th player since 1998 to go at least five years between NFL appearances. He played for the Green Bay Packers in 2008 -- quite a journey.

7. Double guns: The Jets are very happy with their gunners on the punt-coverage team, Saalim Hakim and T.J. Graham. Even though he has played in only six games, Graham is tied for the team lead with six tackles on special teams. Hakim has five. They might be the two fastest players on the team, and their work as gunners has helped the entire unit. The Jets are fourth in the league with a 42.7 net punting average.

8. Woe-ffense: The Jets are averaging 17.4 points per game. A year ago, they averaged 18.1 with a new system, a rookie quarterback and injuries at wide receiver. This isn't what you'd call progress.

9. Snow job: On their way to Detroit, the Jets should drop off Calvin Pace in Buffalo and leave him there with a shovel. His comments the other day, saying the killer snowstorm is an "inconvenience" for him, were insensitive. He needs a dose of reality.

10. Good dudes: With Thanksgiving approaching, this is a time when players like to give back to the community. Jeff Cumberland, Demario Davis and Muhammad Wilkerson have provided turkeys and/or dinners for the underprivileged in various areas. Cumberland assisted in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, with Davis and Wilkerson helping in New Jersey communities.

Bills expect packed Ford Field

November, 22, 2014
Nov 22

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- The Buffalo Bills are expecting a full stadium for Monday night's rescheduled game against the New York Jets at Ford Field in Detroit.

After being made available Saturday morning, a full distribution of free tickets already has been handed out for the game.

"It's incredible to think that that many tickets have been distributed in that short period of time," Bills president Russ Brandon said Saturday night. "We're looking forward to a robust house that night, and hopefully we'll have a lot of Bills fans in there as well."

The capacity of Ford Field is 65,000, but Brandon does not expect fans to be turned away.

"With free tickets, your no-show rate has a tendency to be higher," Brandon said.

The Bills are offering full refunds for fans who held tickets to Sunday's originally scheduled game at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Even if fans receive a refund, they can use those tickets at Ford Field on Monday night.

While seating is general admission, the Bills will have "preferred seating" between the 20-yard lines for those who held tickets to Sunday's game.

"Those individuals have the opportunity to sit behind our bench area and root us on," Brandon said.

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Funny thing, sports.

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Jets were beseiged with hate from their own fans. There was the plane over their practice facility ("Fire John Idzik"), the plane over their stadium ("Jets Rebuilding Since 1969") and, of course, the anti-Idzik billboards near MetLife Stadium.

Now the Jets are going on the road to Detroit, where they can expect to receive ...

A warm embrace?

Yep, it's a possibility.

A local radio station, Detroit Sports 105.1, has started a pro-Jets campaign. Or maybe we should say it's an anti-Jim Schwartz campaign.

The station has dubbed game day "Green Monday," imploring fans to root for the Jets. The locals are down on Schwartz, the former Detroit Lions coach who compiled a 29-51 record in five seasons. He was fired after last season and, after being hired by the Buffalo Bills as their defensive coordinator, he asked his new players to carry him off the field if they beat the Lions in Week 5 at Ford Field.

They did, and they did. Schwartz, milking the moment, pumped his fist as they carried him off.

So now you know why Detroit loathes Schwartz.

The folks in Detroit apparently have short memories. Marty Mornhinweg, the Jets' offensive coordinator, also is a former Lions coach. He was 5-27 in 2001 and 2002.

The size and makeup of the crowd will be interesting, considering Buffalo is only 250 miles from Detroit. The Lions sold out an undisclosed number of free on-line tickets and are offering another 500 free tickets. When the New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings played at Ford Field in 2010 -- the game was moved because the Metrodome roof collapsed -- the announced crowd exceeded 40,000.


A rare neutral-site game for Jets

November, 22, 2014
Nov 22
The New York Jets are going to Detroit to play the Buffalo Bills, prompting us to go to the record books to determine the last time the Jets played at a neutral site. Actually, the Elias Sports Bureau did the work, and here's what it found:

There have been only two true neutral-site games in franchise history. One was pretty famous -- Super Bowl III at the Orange Bowl in Miami, where the Jets upset the Baltimore Colts. The other occurred only a few months earlier -- Sept. 22, 1968, at Legion Field in Birmingham, Ala.

What were the Jets doing in Alabama? They faced the Boston Patriots in what was considered the Patriots' home opener. It was supposed to be played at Fenway Park, but the Boston Red Sox said it was unavailable for that date. So, at the urging of AFL president Wilt Woodard, they moved it to Birmingham. The primary reason was the league wanted to gauge Alabama's interest in pro football for a possible franchise relocation. The other reason: Joe Namath. He played college ball at Alabama and they figured he'd sell tickets.

A crowd of 29,192 watched the Jets defeat the Patriots, 47-31.

There have been a few other semi-neutral sites. For instance, in 2009, the Jets played the Bills at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, but it was a Bills' home game in every sense. In 1963 and 1964, the Jets faced the Patriots in Chesnut Hill, Mass., a Boston suburb. In 1974, they played the New York Giants at the Yale Bowl, which served as the Giants' home field in 1973 and 1974.

So, really, Monday night's game in Detroit is historic. Too bad they're 2-8.

Jets mailbag: Should Jim Harbaugh be on radar?

November, 22, 2014
Nov 22
First, a shoutout to the folks in the Buffalo area: Here's hoping for a safe and timely recovery. On to your New York Jets questions:

@RichCimini: If Rex Ryan is fired, owner Woody Johnson would owe it to the franchise and the fan base to explore Jim Harbaugh, if he shakes free from the San Francisco 49ers. It's not often a coach of his caliber becomes available, so it would be a huge mistake to have a short list without Harbaugh's name on it. It would be a departure for Johnson, whose previous head coaching hires never had any previous experience in the big chair. It also would be costly, easily $7 million per year. There also could be the question of final say. If Harbaugh were to demand control over personnel, what would happen to John Idzik? Johnson probably would have to re-structure the organization, but Harbaugh is a big name with a proven record. No doubt, Harbaugh would have multiple suitors.

@RichCimini: There will be no Jets-Revis reunion as long as Woody Johnson is the owner. If they really wanted him, they would've made a move last offseason, but Johnson made it clear there was no interest in Darrelle Revis 2.0. Looking ahead, I don't think Revis would even consider the Jets if Ryan isn't the coach. My hunch is that Revis and Ryan will reunite somewhere, but it won't be in New York.

@RichCimini: Let's put it this way: The Jets have only four cornerbacks under contract for 2015, and two of them will be coming off major surgery -- Dee Milliner and Dexter McDougle. The other two are Darrin Walls and Marcus Williams. So, to answer your question, yes, cornerback has to be a top priority in the offseason. They have to invest in a veteran free agent, maybe two, and they have to be better than Dimitri Patterson. They also have to consider drafting one. They can't leave themselves short two years in a row.

@RichCimini: I think they will try because his current contract includes a substantial cap hit -- $10.5 million, the amount of his base salary. In case you're wondering, that's the eighth-highest cap charge for a wide receiver in 2015, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Ideally, you'd like to convert base salary into signing bonus, pro-rating the bonus over the final four years of the deal for cap purposes. But the Jets have to ask themselves: Do we want to put guaranteed money in this player's pocket? Percy Harvin has a history of off-the-field problems. He's well-behaved now, but will he revert to his old ways if his financial motivation is gone? Obviously, Harvin could refuse to re-work his deal, forcing the Jets' hand.

@RichCimini: Yes, I have seen it, and I think it's hilarious. It's so Nick Mangold. I talked to him about it the other day and he said they shot it in one day at a real gas station with real customers. I don't know how the locker room feels about it, but I know what the head coach thinks. Mangold told me Rex Ryan texted one night recently to tell he'd just seen the commercial and liked it a lot. 

The NFL is giving something away for free.

Tickets for Monday night's game between the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills that was moved to Detroit are free and available first to season-ticket holders beginning Friday, and then to the general public starting Saturday on the Detroit Lions' website. Tickets also can be claimed at Ford Field on Sunday and Monday prior to the 7 p.m. ET game. All of the tickets are general admission seating, so first come, first serve.

The game was moved because of snowstorms in Western New York this week that made Ralph Wilson Stadium unplayable Sunday. 

The Lions also will hold a 50/50 raffle Monday night with benefits going to the American Red Cross of Western and Central New York Disaster Relief Fund. The Lions' first four home games of the season averaged around $100,000 in the pot for each one.

"We are pleased to be hosting the Bills and Jets for their game Monday night," Lions president Tom Lewand said. "While our thoughts are with the people of the Buffalo area during this difficult time, our team at Ford Field will do everything we can to be good hosts to their team this weekend."

This isn't the first time Ford Field has hosted a displaced NFL game and is not the first time tickets have been free, either. When the collapsing Metrodome roof moved the New York Giants-Minnesota Vikings game in December 2010 from Minneapolis to Detroit, tickets were also free and general admission.

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Injury report: Jets all practice

November, 21, 2014
Nov 21
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Due to the change in scheduling, the final practice reports of the week will now come out Monday. The Buffalo Bills won't even hold their first practice of the week until Friday night, so their reports have been estimates to this point.

That said, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan announced in his Friday afternoon press conference that all the Jets had practiced fully and would be probable for Monday night's game in Detroit against the Bills.

"Everyone was a full go today and everybody's probable for the game," Ryan said. "Like I said, no excuses. Here we come."

That won't be official now until Saturday, but it's a good sign for the Jets.

Week 12 Predictions: Jets at Bills

November, 21, 2014
Nov 21

Indoor game vs. Bills suits Jets

November, 21, 2014
Nov 21
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Chris Johnson, the New York Jets veteran running back, expressed what many of the Jets were feeling when they heard the divisional game against the Bills was moving indoors to Detroit’s Ford Field on Monday night.

"Big relief," Johnson said with a cagey smile.

Wide receiver Jeremy Kerley echoed the sentiment.

"I was happy, playing inside," Kerley said. "It’ll be warmer inside, we won’t be dealing with the cold weather, hopefully no wind. A better game on both sides."

Jets coach Rex Ryan said the NFL didn’t consult the team when relocating the game, but Ryan said they would have played any time and anywhere. The team held practice indoors on Friday once learning of the venue.

"We’re just happy to play, but for a guy like Mike Vick, Chris Johnson, Percy (Harvin), sure they want the ideal conditions -- they would love to have that. So, on one hand your skill players on offense are excited, but your defense is like, 'Where’s the snow, where’s the wind?'"

There was at least one report that the Bills wanted an outdoor venue to test veteran quarterback Michael Vick in the elements.


"Yes, that would have been tough for me," Vick allowed. "But we’ve still got to go out there and get it done. It’s just going to be a faster track. But who knows, I might not even run that day, it all depends on what the game dictates, but I’m always looking to apply pressure to the defense."

Offensive lineman Willie Colon wasn’t so sure Vick would have faired poorly in cold or snow.

"He just came from Philly," Colon said. "It wasn’t like he was in Atlanta his whole career. He had to deal with snow, he had to deal with rain."

But, like many of the Jets, Colon felt like the NFL was able to come to a fair solution for both teams.

"It’s a neutral position for both teams," Colon said. "It’s a fast track, we’ve got speed guys, they’ve got speed guys. We’ve just got to execute."

The Bills will travel from snowy Buffalo to Detroit Friday night and practice, and the Jets will have a walk through Saturday and Sunday. Ryan said there will be some conditioning work for the players to keep them fresh for the Monday night game.

"You know that the league never wanted to move the game, so obviously the conditions have to be incredible," Ryan said.

Running back Bilal Powell noted that the situation was unusual, and balanced being glad to play indoors with the seriousness of what the Buffalo community is going through.

"Playing indoors around this time is always a plus," Powell said. "But that’s a disaster up there, that’s chaos up there. Pray that they get (to Detroit) safely."

Colon said he was glad the league didn’t try to move the game to Tuesday on a short Thanksgiving week with Miami coming up. You need time to prepare for the next opponent -- and heal.

"Especially for recovery purposes," Colon said.

The game will be broadcast by CBS and available on DirecTV’s Sunday ticket package on channel 706. The NFL is still considering options for ticket sales and distribution.

"No excuses, here we come," Ryan said.

Bills arrive in Detroit, practice

November, 21, 2014
Nov 21

ALLEN PARK, Mich. -- After days of cabin fever, the Buffalo Bills were finally able to practice.

Then they changed clothes at portable lockers in a hallway -- a makeshift setup that underscored just how different this road trip will be.

The Bills arrived in the Detroit area Friday and held practice that night at the Lions' headquarters in Allen Park. The team's schedule has been in flux because of a lake-effect storm that dumped more than 5 feet of snow on the Buffalo region since Monday. This weekend's game against the New York Jets was moved from Buffalo to Detroit and will be played Monday night at 7 p.m. ET.

"It felt really good. Being laid up in the house for a while is not fun," tight end Scott Chandler said. "It was good to get to just focus on football for a few hours, and not have to worry about anything else."

Chandler needed a snowmobile ride to leave his neighborhood, and he said some of his teammates did, too.

"A local guy, lives around the corner from a lot of us, and they were able to flag him down at a gas station, and he was willing to come help us out. They were trying to plow the road, but it wasn't going to get done fast enough,'' Chandler said. "He was able to come get us and just take us around the corner to where we could get in a car and get to the stadium."

"This team has bonded more than any team I've seen," one team source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter. "They've really worked together to do this."

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Practice Report: Jets head inside

November, 21, 2014
Nov 21
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- With the Bills game moved to Monday night in Detroit, the Jets held their Friday inside the field house at the team's Florham Park facility. There's no need to brave the colder temperatures outside when the game will be held inside a dome.

All Jets starters were present and appeared to practice with their groups. Up to this point in the week, the only active player who hadn't practiced fully with the team was S Jaiquawn Jarrett, who is now starting over rookie Calvin Pryor.

Practice was pretty routine, with the exception of musical choices. The Jets were treated to "Electric Avenue," for whatever that's worth.