NFL end of season Power Rankings

January, 1, 2013
New Years Day or not, is motoring ahead with its final Power Rankings of the 2012 regular season. Let's catch a final glimpse of the NFC North's standings:

6. Green Bay Packers
Trending: Down two after a 37-34 loss to the Minnesota Vikings.
Comment: The Packers are the NFC's No. 3 playoff seed but finish the regular season fourth among NFC teams in the power rankings.

12. Minnesota Vikings
Trending: No change after a 37-34 victory over the Packers.
Comment: NFC West blogger Mike Sando had the Vikings No. 10 on his ballot, but the rest of the committee agreed on No. 12.

13. Chicago Bears
Trending: No change after a 26-24 victory over the Detroit Lions.
Comment: The Bears were 10-6 but missed the playoffs because of tiebreakers. Their power rankings position makes sense.

28. Detroit Lions
Trending: No change after a 26-24 loss to the Bears.
Comment: The Lions have the No. 5 position in the 2013 draft and are fifth from the bottom of the power rankings. Synergy!



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