After Bengals prank, Browns can get last laugh with new uniforms


If Donte Whitner is right, the Cleveland Browns won't be April fooled like this again.

The Browns safety tweeted last week that the team's new jerseys -- to be unveiled April 14 at the Cleveland Convention Center -- will be the best in the league. Whitner used seven flame emojis to punctuate that hotness.

Maybe the unveiling can redirect the attention heaped on the Browns following their recent announcement of subtle logo/helmet changes, which the Cincinnati Bengals and even the Cleveland Orchestra used as the thrust of an April Fool's joke.

The Bengals tweaked their in-state, AFC North rival with a faux announcement of a "fresh new look for the 2015 season." That "new look" was a slightly different shade of orange, as seen in a photo of two Bengals helmets labeled 2014 and 2015. Colleague Coley Harvey has the details here.

In late February, the Browns announced the change to a brighter shade of orange on the helmet that

"matches our passion of our fans and city," along with a brown face mask and a Dawg Pound design of a smirking Swagger dog. The redesign was "cleaner, simpler and elegant," team president Alec Scheiner said.

These changes are totally reasonable and good. But word got out a week early that the club had notified Browns backers of the looming changes in a weekly update email. The team gathered local media for the unveiling. Some viewed the change as unnecessarily hyped.

The Browns laid out this two-year redesign knowing the uniform changes would be more significant (Scheiner has said as much).

Until then, people will joke at Cleveland's expense on this one, though I'm not sure the Browns will find it all that funny.