Brother vs. brother in pro sports history

January, 24, 2013
Jim and John Harbaugh will meet for the second time when they face each other in the Super Bowl in New Orleans, and it'll be another case of the HarBros making history.

They are the only set of brother head coaches to square off in any NFL game; they faced each other last season in Week 12. They also will become the first brothers to compete in a postseason game as head coaches in any of the four major North American pro sports (NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB).

However, there have been nine other sets of brothers in the three other major pro sports to face each other as head coaches. Here's how every pair has fared against each other:


Herb Brown* vs. Larry Brown
Leader: Larry, 4-2
Herb and Larry BrownGetty ImagesHerb: Pistons (1975-78). Larry: Nuggets (1974-79, ABA and NBA); Nets ('81-83); Spurs ('88-92); Clippers ('92-93); Pacers ('93-97); Sixers ('97-2003); Pistons ('03-05); Knicks ('05-06); Bobcats ('08-11).

Jeff Van Gundy vs. Stan Van Gundy*
Leader: Stan, 3-2
Jeff and Stan Van GundyGetty ImagesJeff: Knicks (1995-2002); Rockets ('03-07). Stan: Heat ('03-06); Magic ('07-12).


Harry Wright* vs. George Wright
Leader: George, 8-4
George and Harry Wright of Major League BaseballAP Photos George: Providence Grays (1879). Harry: Boston Red Stockings (1871-81); Grays ('82-83); Philadelphia Quakers/Phillies ('84-93).


Bryan Murray* vs. Terry Murray
Leader: Terry, 5-4-0
Bryan Murray, Terry MurrayGetty ImagesBryan: Capitals (1981-90); Red Wings ('90-93); Panthers ('97-98); Ducks ('01-02); Senators ('05-08). Terry: Capitals ('90-94); Flyers ('94-97); Panthers ('98-01); Kings ('08-11).

Johnny Wilson* vs. Larry Wilson
Leader: Johnny, 2-0-0
Johnny and Larry WilsonGetty Images, AP PhotosJohnny: Kings (1969-70); Red Wings ('71-73); Rockies ('76-77); Penguins ('77-80). Larry: Wings (1976-77).

Muzz Patrick vs. Lynn Patrick*
Leader: Lynn, 6-5-2
Murray 'Muzz' Patrick, and Lynn PatrickGetty ImagesMuzz: Rangers (1953-55, '59-60, '62-63). Lynn: Rangers (1948-50); Bruins ('50-55); Blues ('67-68, '74-76).
Darryl Sutter vs. Brian Sutter*
Leader: Darryl 13-9-7
Darryl and Brian SutterGetty ImagesDarryl: Blackhawks (1992-95); Sharks (1997-2002); Flames ('02-06); Kings ('11-current). Brian: Blues (1988-92); Bruins ('92-95); Flames (1997-2000); Blackhawks ('01-04).
Darryl Sutter* vs. Brent Sutter
Leader: Darryl 2-1-1
Darryl Sutter, Brent SutterGetty ImagesBrent: Devils (2007-09); Flames ('09-12).
Darryl Sutter* vs. Duane Sutter
Leader: Darryl, 1-0-1
Darryl Sutter, Duane SutterGetty ImagesDuane: Panthers (2000-02).


Jim Harbaugh vs. John Harbaugh*
Leader: John, 1-0
John and Jim HarbaughAP Photo/Patrick SemanskyJim: 49ers (2011-present). John: Ravens (2008-present).
*Older brother



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