Reese's Piece: The Masters

April, 11, 2013
MastersAndrew Redington/Getty ImagesLooking for answers at Augusta.
I’m especially excited for this year’s Masters because so many questions need to be answered. I can think of at least 17. But 20 sounded better. Unlike previous years, now I can post them on this website. And stop yelling at my plasma.

20 Questions: Masters Edition

    • Why is it every time my girlfriend sees me cheering for Tiger Woods, she thinks I’m cheating?
    • Why does she assume the other golfers are faithful?
    • How likely is that?
    • Does “Winning Solve Everything?”
    • What does a top-5 finish solve?
    • Any man who’s ever seen another man cozy up to a woman who isn't his wife (or has been to a Gold Club) knows when to turn his head. What makes sports so different?
    • Will Tiger finally thank Chubbs Peterson?
    • What was Rory McIlroy's "special prize"?
    • How will it affect his performance?
    • How many "selfies" will Paulina Gretzky take?
    • Will Phil Mickelson wear an undershirt?
    • Can Jim Furyk’s 5-Hour Energy logos get any bigger?
    • How many people will John Daly drive away from Hooters?
    • Will Lindsey Vonn be at the Masters?
    • Will she use crutches?
    • Will Joslyn James be at the Masters?
    • Will she use crutches?
    • What does Gloria Allred think of Joslyn James' Tiger-inspired film?
    • What is Condoleezza Rice’s handicap?
    • Is it still a tradition unlike any other?
    • Playbook Reese's Piece Illustration

If you care to make things a little more interesting, Golf insider and professional bro Matt Collette gave me some prop bets to keep an eye on.

- Caroline Wozniacki ends up caddying for Tiger by Sunday (10-1)
- Paulina Gretzky throws up in Ray’s Creek (4-1)
- Ian Poulter dresses like a skinny Guy Fieri (EVEN)

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