Meet the biggest sports fans from The Mag

May, 8, 2013
Clipper Darrell Joe Toreno for ESPN The MagazineSuperfan, Clipper Darrell.
A lot of people love sports. Some of them more than others. Some so much that they dye their ride Clippers' colors and wear a red-and-royal blue suit to Staples (see: Clipper Darrell above). Without them, there is no us. So in each issue of ESPN The Magazine, we salute one chosen diehard -- and if he or she isn't already an Insider, we return the love with a free one-year subscription.

Check out this gallery of past fanatics who've been featured in our pages. Think you got them topped? Prove it. Tweet a pic to @ESPNMag, and if we like what we see, you could wind up in your buddy's mailbox.



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