TrueHoop TV: Nick Collison


With Nick Collison, Part II

Oklahoma City Thunder big man Nick Collison shares impressions of teammate Russell Westbrook and discusses whether "hard fouls" have a place in the NBA.

When asked if being called a "Glue Guy" is a backhanded compliment, Nick Collison chuckles. He's grown accustomed to the label. After a storied college career at Kansas where he was a skilled shooter, rebounder and facilitator, Collison has carved out a career in the NBA as a leading doer of the "little things."

Collison visited with TrueHoop TV. In Part I, he talks about the trials of the Glue Guy, and how his Oklahoma City Thunder are looking headed into the postseason.

In Part II, Collison shares impressions of Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook, and how NBA fans and NBA players view "hard fouls" through different lenses.