Goodell: We Will Get Our House In Order

5 minutes ago

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell discusses the recent rash of NFL players involved in domestic violence and the league's plan moving forward.

Goodell: I'm Sorry

20 minutes ago

Roger Goodell firmly states that he will "get it right" going forward with domestic abuse issues in the NFL.

Goodell Not Resigning

2 minutes ago

Roger Goodell addresses the people calling for his resignation and what he as commissioner will do to change the atmosphere of the NFL in regards to domestic violence.

Goodell: New conduct policy on way

less than a minute ago

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Friday that there have been too many examples of late of the NFL "doing wrong" and "that starts with me." Read more ...

Front Rowe: Making Time For Family

32 minutes ago

Holly Rowe takes a look at how a little creative scheduling allows Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer to balance his personal life with his coaching life.