Violet Palmer marrying partner

2 hours ago

Violet Palmer made her biggest call yet: The NBA referee will marry her partner of 20 years on Friday. Read more ...

Nancy Lopez on Jan Stephenson

2 hours ago

In the 1980s, LPGA Hall of Famer Nancy Lopez got an up close and personal look at Jan Stephenson's rousing -- and controversial -- rise to stardom. Read more ...

Nine for IX Shorts: Play A Round With Me

59 minutes ago

In the 1980's, Jan Stephenson became golf's first tabloid star, with her sex appeal and charismatic self-promotion. Amid intense media attention, her colorful and controversial life off the course often overshadowed her determination to win championships.

Nine for IX Director's Statement: Jessica Wolfson

3 hours ago

Jessica Wolfson talks about one of her favorite scenes in Nine for IX short "Play A Round With Me," and what inspired her to include it in the film.