Sloan Ready To Put On A Show

29 minutes ago

Florida gymnast Bridget Sloan shares three things she is looking forward to during the women's NCAA gymnastics championships.

What will your Boston time be?

about an hour ago

A tough course and other factors make predicting your Boston finish tough, but a look at last year's numbers can help men and women estimate a time. Read more ...

Mark Emmert: Food rule 'absurd'

30 minutes ago

NCAA president Mark Emmert said Friday that he was happy to take pressure off the NCAA and its member schools as the governing body's legislative council voted earlier this week to eliminate all the previous restrictions on food. Read more ...

Which playoffs are better, the NBA or NHL?

23 hours ago

The up-close-and-personal intensity of the NBA, or the NHL's battle for sports' greatest trophy? Kate Fagan and Sarah Spain debate which league's postseason is more compelling. Read more ...

A different kind of gymnastics

26 minutes ago

This weekend's NCAA championships will feature a more expressive, more team-oriented type of gymnastics than you see in the Olympics, though the scoring system is wonderfully familiar. Read more ...