Katie Lou Samuelson, Jessica Shepard Set For Nike TOC Showdown

32 minutes ago

Two of the brightest recruits in the country, Katie Lou Samuelson (Connecticut) and Jessica Shepard (Nebraska), led their teams to opening-day wins at the Nike Tournament of Champions with jaw-dropping performances. Now the two face each other on Day 2. Read more ...

Dunning Done With Hancock

about an hour ago

After losing to Penn State in the Women's Volleyball Championship semi finals, Stanford coach John Dunning admits he is happy he doesn't have to face Cardinal star Micha Hancock after this year.

Rose On Playing BYU In FInals

about an hour ago

Penn State women's volleyball coach Russ Rose admitted that he doesn't know much about BYU's play but plans to learn as much as he can before the volleyball championship finals.

Hancock Leaves Emotions Off The Court

about an hour ago

Penn State setter Micha Hancock tells an amusing anecdote about her feelings before playing in the volleyball championship semi final game against Stanford.

Elliott On Texas Losing In Semi Finals

about an hour ago

Texas women's volleyball coach Jerritt Elliott recognizes his team's success over the years even though they lost to BYU in the volleyball championships.