Michele Roberts named NBPA chief

2 minutes ago

Washington, D.C., attorney Michele Roberts has been voted in as the new executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, becoming the first woman to head up a major sports union. Read more ...

Nine for IX Shorts: Think Normal

41 minutes ago

Jason McElwain's 20 points in four minutes inspired people around the world and fine-tuned the dialogue on individuals with autism. But it was the dedication of Jason's mom, Debbie, who coached her son and gave him the strength and confidence to succeed.

Nine for IX Director's Statement: Nikki Reed

18 minutes ago

Actress and director of the Nine for IX Short "Think Normal" Nikki Reed talks about why she wanted to produce this film and what she is most proud of.

A Quick Hit: Jason McElwain's Incredible Game

20 hours ago

In a preview from the Nine for IX Short "Think Normal," directed by Nikki Reed, Debbie McElwain remembers her son Jason's unforgettable game.

Chika Amalaha fails doping test

about an hour ago

A 16-year-old Nigerian weightlifter failed a doping test after becoming the youngest ever female to win a Commonwealth Games gold medal in the sport, organizers said Tuesday. Read more ...