Snowboarders' must-have winter weather gear

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Snowboarders need to stay warm and dry out in the elements. Here is a list of must-have winter gear from a few of the sport's top female athletes:

Kelly Clark, two-time Olympic medalist (gold in 2002, bronze in 2010)

• Burton Women's Prism Gore-Tex Jacket: "This is my favorite jacket in the line. It has a longer length, which makes for a great fit. You can't go wrong with Gore-Tex, either."

• Burton Women's Party Socks: "Socks can be boring sometimes and these socks are far from that."

Gretchen Bleiler, 2006 Olympic silver medalist

• Oakley Signature Series A-Frame Goggle: "These are from my signature line, and I absolutely love the shape of them. The optics and graphics are great, too. I wear them every day."

Maddy Schaffrick, silver medalist at 2011 U.S. Grand Prix

• Unequal Technologies concussion pads: "These are thin enough to fit comfortably in your helmet but they are strong enough to protect my brain through some pretty tough crashes."

• Oakley MFR pants: "I get really hot when I ride, so I like how they breathe -- but they stay dry and can be warm when it's cold. I also really like the fit of them."

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