Cross-country skiers' must-have winter gear

Endurance athletes like cross-country skiers need to stay warm and dry out in the elements. Here is a list of must-have winter gear from one of the sport's top female athletes:

Kikkan Randall, 2009 world silver medalist (individual sprint)

• Rudy Project Genetyk Sunglasses: "I'm able to totally focus on what I'm doing without even realizing the glasses are there. They work in many different light conditions, and they still look fashionable when I'm on the podium!"

• Polar RC3 GPS Multi-Sport Monitor: "This watch gives me instant feedback on my heart rate, pace and distance -- and you can download your workout and see your route displayed on Google Maps."

• Bjorn Daehlie Olympic Jacket: "This jacket fits great; it doesn't restrict my movement and is so comfortable when I'm cross-country skiing. It's also got clever pocket placements for keys, phones, music players and ski passes, and the reflective piping makes me more visible when I'm on roads."

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