Getting back in the game

Almost two months into the new year, here are some tips for keeping on track with your challenge.

Believe me, I know it is hard to actually get up for your workout when the alarm goes off. If you are like me, you want to hit the snooze button in the worst way. But we all know one snooze hit leads to another and another and then a missed workout.

Have you run into a wall yet? Many of you are still heading toward your goal with a smile and some zeal. But there just might be a few of you who need a bit of a pep talk. Just call me pep! Here are some easy tips to getting back in the game:

• 1. Outline your workout schedule for the week every Sunday night. Sometimes taking it month by month is too much, and day by day is too difficult to keep up with. Write it down, put it in your iCal or Blackberry calendar. Think about it, you add a lunch with a friend on your calendar ... the same should be true for your workout.

• 2. Mix it up! There is a reason I swam the individual medley (an event with either one or two laps of each stroke) -- I was easily bored when training for just one stroke. That is why I am loving my triathlon training. With bike, swim and run on my workout menu, it is really difficult to get bored. Make sure your menu is exciting to you!

• 3. Fitness friend! When you tell a friend you will be there, you will show up -- and it is more fun! Get your fitness bud or buds and set the time. To add to the fun, plan something fun for after the workout: a reward such as breakfast or a glass of wine. I do this with my girlfriends and sometimes the thought of what's to come after the workout is what keeps me going!

• 4. Pack your things the night before. It is funny, but sometimes what keeps us from heading to that early morning workout are the little things. Get organized the night before so you don't have an excuse. I did this all through my training. I was up at 4:07a.m. and out the door at 4:15! (Crazy, huh?!)

• 5. Download the music that gets you going. Music makes such a difference. There is a reason they play certain songs during the fourth quarter of a close game, it isn't just for the crowd. An old workout can feel new with some sweet tunes. Plus, you can build intervals into the chorus. I used to do this while listening to Eminem's "Lose Yourself." I would sprint during the chorus and then jog slowly in-between.

Hope your training is going well. Keep it up!

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