Building happiness through good health

Since World Health Day is this week, I have been evaluating how healthy I am (or am not) being. I think it is always good to check in with yourself about what really makes you healthy. Health encompasses a wide range of areas: exercise, diet, the ability to fight the common cold and HAPPINESS. The last is the obvious result of many of the others, but how often do we step back and ask ourselves if we are living a healthy, happy lifestyle?

Here is my list for what makes me healthy, and most important, keeps me happy:


• Cooking a fresh meal where I know all the ingredients.

• Getting outside and doing a simple, active movement (walking, riding a bike, chasing my son).

• Drinking a tall, cold, glass of a fresh local (in my case, from my backyard) springtime fruit juice. I made strawberry lemonade this morning, yum.

• Building strength with a fast cardio/dumbbell workout, 30 minutes of batting practice or some interval training followed by core work.

• Laughing ... the real come-from-the-gut, endorphin-freeing kind of laugh.

• Catching up with someone I really care about but never seem to "have the time" for.

• Going to bed early: A good night's sleep is so underrated when life is crazy, yet it always seems to be the first thing to get cut.

• Taking time for me: reading a book, doing yoga or just "shut 'er down" for a bit.

• Finding a role model and being a role model: There is nothing better than women helping women and paying it forward.


I know some of these items are obvious and some are so simple they are usually overlooked. But it is this combination that puts the biggest soul-filled smile on my face. In these past few months I have been a puffy-eyed, nose-blowing, sneezing and groggy mess -- more so than in a long time. Since realizing this, I have made myself get back to all the things that make me good inside and out. I am back to celebrating HEALTHY with the world again in April.

How about you? What makes you healthy?

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