Three things to do this Earth Day

As a pro snowboarder, I've traveled around the world, chasing the snow year-round. I've seen the effects of climate change firsthand -- from the horrible pollution hanging in the mountains of Chile ...

... to the lack of snow in New Zealand. For the past seven years, I've been going down under to get in some good wintertime training during our summer. Last year, my trip was cancelled. There simply was not enough snow!

Courtesy of Gretchen Bleiler

The lack of snow in New Zealand provided a firsthand look at the effects of climate change.

There are so many examples like this, but also many ways we can actually make a change for the better. Here are my top three: Use your mouse. I signed up to get email alerts on urgent issues, and it's super easy to act when you receive one. Usually, you just click on a link to send a pre-written note to local officials. When their inbox is overflowing with emails, they'll have to listen!

Go to and click "Take Action" to join their "Activist Network" and do the same.

Know that your money is power. Be aware of the products you're buying and the companies you're supporting. Make sure you're helping companies that are leading the way in sustainability.

I've been lucky to work with amazing sponsors who've been willing to lead the charge in creating sustainable products. The K2 Eco Pop snowboard and the Recycled/Recyclable Eco Storm outerwear pieces in my Oakley Gretchen Bleiler Collection are two great examples.

Take my 21 Day Reusable Challenge! Disposable products have become so prevalent that without thinking about it, we use them every day. But these products are devastating our waterways and filling up our landfills. So I devised this challenge to help reduce the products we use. There are three categories, and you can commit to one or all three:

• No single-serving plastic water bottles. (Check out for a stainless steel water bottle that's easy to clean and compactable).

•  No plastic grocery bags. (Bring your own reusable bag instead.)

•  No Styrofoam take-away containers. (Bring a reusable container.)

Experts say it takes 21 days to build a habit. My hope is that after three weeks, you'll make these a part of your everyday life.

And please spread the word to your friends! Tweet about it, talk about it, and while you're doing the challenge, post stories, pictures and videos on the 21 Day Reusable Challenge Facebook Page. The person who best documents his or her experience will win an Eco Grand Prize Package valued at over $2,500 -- with items from Oakley's 2010 Gretchen Bleiler Collection, Aspen Snowmass, Alex Bottle, K2, HDX Hydration, Mission Skincare, SpaRitual, Pure Bar and much more!

Go get em' tigers!

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