Tale of the Tweets

Here's the best of @espnW and our contributors on Twitter yesterday. Make sure to follow us all for more sports news and observations!

Can't the Cardinals just put the franchise tag on Pujols? Oh wait. -- @amandarykoff

Love the NFL & its players but crying woe is us b/c we lose health care & some of us only make $500,000 doesn't resonate. Esp. w/ COBRA. -- @thefootballgirl

MJ is at the #Bulls game...and I am not. Sigh. #tear #stalkertweet -- @SarahSpain

Can't wait for next week's combine so we have real fb to talk about and not this ridiculous posturing. -- @thefootballgirl

Just finished talking to James "Red" Moore. Atlanta legend. Felt right at home. Even got a piece of cornbread!(w/ butter of course) -- @adena_andrews

Victor Conte was in Tower of Power back in the 70's? Mind. Blown. -- @amandarykoff

I'm happy for Versteeg, he said he's "pumped" to go a contender. I told him to get that missing Cup puck back, too! #blackhawks #flyers -- @SarahSpain

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