Sports apps we'd like to see

Yesterday Tiger Woods launched "Tiger Woods: My Swing," his very own mobile app for the iPhone and iPod. The application uses video and instruction to help golfers of all abilities improve their games. While I anticipate the app (even at a pricetag of $9.99) will sell like hotcakes, there are other skills I'd like to see the former World No. 1 impart via mobile phone. For instance...

• "The Woods Way": This helpful app lets the on-the-go guy juggle multiple mistresses without his iPhone showing any signs of foul play. The app keeps you organized with individual calendars for each mistress, complete with cheat sheets so the user can be quickly reminded of a lover's likes, dislikes, food allergies and full name before an "appointment." Also features patented technology that disguises address book contacts if the user's fingerprints don't match the owner's. "Muffin" becomes "Malcolm," "Girl from Scores" becomes "Gerald Shores," and so on.

• "Ali-Money": This handy app taps into the iPhone's calendar function, sending out timely reminders to ensure monthly alimony and child support payments are paid on time and in full. With Ali-Money's direct deposit feature, you'll never have to speak to your former spouse or kids again.

Of course, Woods isn't the only sports figure who could cash in on the mobile app craze. There are countless other athletes, analysts and coaches with unique skills and talents to share. Here are just a few...

• "Craig Sager's Closet": With the Craig Sager's Closet app, you can watch as the sartorially resplendent sportscaster selects his on-camera attire. Before each game, you'll get a new video of Sager putting together the night's ensemble, so you'll get to see which outfit he selects before anyone else! Buy the .99 cent "Shop Sager" add-on to buy his best pieces directly from your phone!

• "Money, Money, Money, with Money Mayweather": Floyd Mayweather isn't shy about his penchant for gambling--he's even been known to post pictures of his winning betting slips to Twitter. Now Money's helping others build their fortunes, too, by sharing daily picks on his new app. Wanna win nearly $40,000 on the second half of a regular season NBA game? He can help.

• "Real Talk, with Charles Barkley": If telling it like it is were an art, Charles Barkley would be Picasso. The Round Mound of Rebound might like sugary treats, but the word "sugarcoat" isn't in his vocabulary. If you're having trouble telling a friend, lover or family member how you really feel, just let Chuck do it instead. Crashed your parents' car? Barkley can break the news to them. Sleeping with your boyfriend's friend? He'll get over it after some tough love from Chuck. App comes with 30 pre-recorded speeches for all sort of occasions.

If you've got a great app idea, post it in the comments and I'll pass it along. I've already got NASCAR's top engineers working on the new "LapTop" app. Drivers check in at the start of the race, then their car automatically checks in again with just three laps to go, triggering an alarm that wakes you just in time to see the end of the race. I can already hear the money rolling in.

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