Work up a sweat in the snow!

Those of you on the right side of the country are knee-deep in that powdery white stuff called SNOW! The media's calling your cities and airports "snowed in." But I say the snow should bring you out. Even if you live in New York City, get outside and get going! There are so many fun and athletic things to do in the snow -- beyond downhill skiing. Open your mind to new activities ... big kids can have a little fun, too, once in a while.

1. Snowshoeing. It's great exercise, especially when you have tons of snow. The shoes are big enough to pack down the snow as you go -- and small enough so that you can actually run if you're in good enough shape. Even the best athletes work up a serious sweat -- I try to go out for at least an hour. It's wonderful to go hard for a bit and then walk and just enjoy your surroundings.

2. Skate-skiing. All you need is a track with snow. Think rollerblading on skis, and that's skate-skiing in a nutshell. Where I live, we have tracks everywhere (our summertime running trails turn into cross-country trails during the winter). Or you can find an open area and pack it down. Imagine skate-skiing down Columbus Ave in NYC ... I've seen it done before! You can rent the equipment: skis, poles and shoes. The rest of your gear is just like what you'd wear on a winter run.

3. Sledding. I do this with my kids -- but I'd do it even if I didn't have kids (because I'm a professional 4th grader). I'm not kidding! Sledding is great, physical activity and you burn SO many calories!!! Up and down the hill ... Up and down the hill. (Okay, down is more fun than up.) It's non-stop action -- your legs feel it, your arms feel it and your abs feel it. We use a giant tube. I just bought two at Walmart for $17 each. (Turns out they have a tendency to bust when the "big kids" get on for a ride.)

4. Get out for your run! When I lived in the city, I loved running in the snow. It was so peaceful because not many people were outside. I loved how beautiful Central Park looked with a dusting of snow. It was like a postcard ... my own giant backyard. Go out and find your own peaceful postcard moment. Grab a bit of exercise -- and some alone time -- and enjoy the elements. Dress right and you'll stay warm! Besides, there's always a glass of wine or hot cocoa waiting for you.

Good luck winter warriors! Be happy -- I hope you stay SNOWED OUT!

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