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  • Hays: A whole new ballgame for Stanford's Bessie Noll

    Stanford freshman Bessie Noll took an unusual path to Division I softball. After years of playing little league baseball in Japan, she came to America seeking greater opportunity and the camaraderie that sprouts from playing with 18 other women.

    Apr 17 3:38 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Notebook: Perseverance pays off for Kentucky's Emily Gaines

    Hays: Perseverance pays off for Kentucky's Emily Gaines

    Kentucky senior Emily Gaines has emerged as a key player this season. It just took some time for the former state high school star to reach her current role as the Wildcats' best hitter.

    Apr 17 12:45 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Power rankings: Florida State holds winning hand

    Hays: FSU holds winning hand with ace Lacey Waldrop

    Lacey Waldrop can't keep a poker face. The Florida State ace finds it hard not to smile as she leads the nation in wins to help the Seminoles retain their spot in the espnW power rankings.

    Apr 16 2:57 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Hays: North Texas' Brooke Foster plays for son

    It's more than a game for North Texas shortstop Brooke Foster: She plays softball so she can earn a degree and support her 4-year-old son, Layton.

    Apr 10 9:41 AM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Hays: Oregon's turn at No. 1 in softball power rankings

    In a wide-open season, Oregon rode its deep lineup to a series win over previous No. 1 UCLA and became the latest team to grab the top spot in the espnW power rankings.

    Apr 9 3:14 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Notebook: Alabama's Ryan Iamurri fights her way back

    Hays: Alabama's Iamurri fights her way back

    Pinch hitting just three weeks after a severe knee injury, Alabama's Ryan Iamurri showed again that she's willing to do anything for her team.

    Apr 8 4:21 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Emmert: Unionization 'grossly inappropriate'

    The NCAA president called an effort to unionize players a "grossly inappropriate" way to solve problems in college sports while insisting schools have been working to get athletes more involved in decisions that impact them.

    Apr 6 3:13 PM ET | By Dana O'Neil

  • Game Changer

    Isaacson: Shannon Szabados a hit in SPHL

    Shannon Szabados broke American hearts in Sochi, but she's proving to be a hit with U.S. fans and teammates as the first woman in the SPHL.

    Apr 3 1:24 PM ET | By Melissa Isaacson

  • Softball power rankings: Top teams holding steady

    Hays: Power rankings steady, but not predictable

    Our power rankings may be holding mostly steady with UCLA and Michigan at the top, but that doesn't mean we have all the answers to how this season will play out by any means.

    Apr 2 3:48 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • NCAA softball notebook: South Alabama's local heroes

    Hays: South Alabama's local heroes

    Pitchers Farish Beard and Hannah Campbell stayed close to home to help South Alabama build its program, and now the Jaguars win no matter where they go.

    Apr 1 11:52 AM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Softball notebook: It's now or never for Temple

    Hays: Now or never for Temple

    In their final season before the program is eliminated, the Temple Owls are off to an injury-riddled 7-14 start. But with their home opener finally here, the Owls still have time to make a last stand.

    Mar 25 1:55 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Hays: Arizona senior pitcher Kenzie Fowler won't give in

    Hays: Arizona pitcher Kenzie Fowler won't give in

    Kenzie Fowler was the next big thing at Arizona as a freshman five years ago, but after back and concussion woes derailed her career, she's just happy to be pitching again.

    Mar 20 10:26 AM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Irish hire Romagnolo as women's soccer coach

    Notre Dame has hired Dartmouth's women's soccer coach Theresa Romagnolo (roh-muh-NELL-oh) to replace Randy Waldrum, who left to become coach of the expansion Houston Dash of the National Women's Soccer League.

    Mar 19 5:25 PM ET

  • Notebook: Arkansas' Devon Wallace is mighty good

    Hays: Arkansas' Wallace is mighty good

    On an Arkansas team that emphasizes patience and power, Devon Wallace has combined the two to become a slugger for the modern age.

    Mar 18 2:13 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Notebook: Hofstra pitcher Morgan Lashley long on talent

    Hays: Hofstra's Lashley long on talent

    Hofstra coach Bill Edwards always seems to come up with top-notch pitching, and 5-foot-3 Army transfer Morgan Lashley is proving to be another big find.

    Mar 4 2:48 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Notebook: UCLA's Stephany LaRosa catching on quickly

    Hays: UCLA's LaRosa catching on quickly

    When UCLA needed a catcher last fall, all-conference shortstop Stephany LaRosa went behind the plate for the first time in her life, but she already looks like a natural for the undefeated Bruins.

    Feb 25 3:31 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Carbo overloading: OU reports pasta pile-on

    According to the The Oklahoman, three unnamed Oklahoma student-athletes ate more pasta than the NCAA rules allowed for during a graduation banquet.

    Feb 19 9:12 PM ET | By Jake Trotter

  • Softball power rankings: IPFW ace a big-time talent

    Hays: IPFW ace a big-time talent

    Pitcher Miranda Kramer doesn't have her IPFW team in our rankings, but after leading the Mastodons past Texas, it's clear she's not someone the power programs should want to face.

    Feb 19 5:06 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • More autonomy possible for power conferences

    A seven-member steering committee with the NCAA's Division I Board of Directors is working to provide wealthier conferences with "a range" of autonomy and hopes to have a new structure in place by August.

    Feb 12 8:18 PM ET | By Heather Dinich

  • Ball State senior Jenny Gilbert turns on the hitting power

    Hays: Ball State's Gilbert turns on the power

    From Canada to Indiana by way of Texas, and from slap hitter to home run record-setter, Ball State's Jenny Gilbert has traveled a unique path to stardom.

    Feb 6 2:36 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Softball rivalry heats up between Alabama and Auburn

    Hays: Alabama-Auburn softball rivalry heats up

    Alabama has the 2012 national championship. Auburn now has top coach Clint Myers. The schools' softball rivalry could soon be taking on a football-esque look.

    Feb 6 1:37 PM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Five burning questions for 2014 NCAA softball season

    Hays: Five burning questions for NCAA softball season

    Some things we know for certain -- Lauren Chamberlain will dominate, for instance. But in a softball season without a clear favorite team, it's only fitting that we begin by throwing out some questions.

    Feb 4 8:48 AM ET | By Graham Hays

  • Lady Vols No. 1 in softball preseason poll

    Tennessee holds the No. 1 spot in the preseason Softball Collegiate Top 25, the Amateur Softball Association of America and USA Softball announced Tuesday.

    Jan 28 6:58 PM ET

  • Mullins, Brian are top NCAA soccer players

    Maryland senior forward Patrick Mullins became the seventh back-to-back Hermann Trophy winner as the best player in NCAA Division I soccer, and Virginia junior midfielder Morgan Brian took the women's award Friday night.

    Jan 10 11:11 PM ET

  • Waldrum leaves Notre Dame to coach NWSL's Houston Dash

    Hays: ND's Waldrum makes Dash for NWSL

    Last year, B.J. Snow left UCLA to coach the Under-17 U.S. national team. Now, Randy Waldrum is leaving South Bend for his native Texas, where he'll coach the expansion Houston Dash of the NWSL.

    Jan 3 10:43 PM ET | By Graham Hays