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Monday, March 25, 2013
The Bracket of Awesome returns!

By Sarah Spain

With just three rounds of the NCAA tournament completed, not a single person in's Tournament Challenge has a perfect bracket. Yes, for the umpteenth year in a row, millions of people are suffering from Busted Bracket Syndrome (BBS).

You had big plans for the money you would have won in your office pool (new TV!) and you had already prepared the smack-talking texts you would have sent to your friends after claiming victory ("PWNED AGAIN, PHIL!"). But now, Gonzaga and Georgetown are out, and some school with dorm rooms on the beach (seriously, Florida Gulf Coast University?) is tearing through your bracket and leaving a trail of red ink.

You have to wait until Thursday (Thursday!!!) for games to start back up again. Even if you're one of the lucky few with a mostly intact Final Four, you still have to see your name near the bottom of the standings until the Sweet 16 begins.

Give yourself a break and step away from your March Madness bracket. Forget about sports for a few days and remember all the things that can still make you smile, like ...

... The Bracket of Awesome!

That's right. It's back, again. So, quit worrying about whether No. 4 Michigan can knock off top-seeded Kansas and instead debate the relative merits of No. 2 Fro-Yo versus No. 15 seed Breakfast in Bed. Delay your breakdown of the La Salle-Wichita State contest and instead try to make the tough choice between voting for No. 8 Beyonce or No. 9 Mac & Cheese.

Over the next week, the Bracket of Awesome will be your escape from the pain and angst that is March Madness. If you get too stressed about a close game or a loss that really crushes your soul, head on over here and think about nachos and sangria and guys who play guitar.

Voting will continue each day leading up to Monday's Champion of Awesome final. The winner will be announced in next Tuesday's "That's What She Said."

Let the Super-Totes-Awesome voting begin!

Vote! Click here to cast your picks in the first round of the Bracket of Awesome!