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  • Lower the rim? Readers respond to Auriemma's comments

    UConn coach Geno Auriemma said women's basketball could increase scoring -- and popularity -- by lowering the rim. Our readers and Facebook fans take their shots at the issue.

    Oct 25 2:08 AM ET | By espnW

  • That's What She Said

    TWSS: Casual fan not missing NHL

    In this week's "That's What She Said," Sarah Spain laments the absence of the NHL and sees big problems for the league in the lack of outrage over the lockout.

    Oct 24 2:30 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Andrews: Marriage of Cowboys and Victoria's Secret hits the mark

    In opening a Victoria's Secret PINK story at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, Jerry Jones proves once again to be a master of innovation and savvy business sense.

    Oct 23 10:40 AM ET | By Adena Andrews

  • W roundtable

    W roundtable: NBA title favorites

    To hear our writers tell it, the race for the NBA title is a three-way battle and the likely champions are all too familiar. Get the full scoop in this week's roundtable.

    Oct 22 | By espnW

  • Ackerman: Where do women's sports go from here?

    Recurring questions regarding women's sports are where do we go from here and what it will take to get there? Satisfying everyone involved will take time and a good game plan.

    Oct 24 2:03 PM ET | By Val Ackerman

  • W roundtable

    W roundtable: Lance Armstrong's tarnished legacy

    Lance Armstrong is stepping down as chairman of his Livestrong charity and Nike has ended his endorsement deal. Our writers weigh in on what all this means for his legacy.

    Oct 17 | By espnW

  • McManus: MLB dress code leaves some feeling singled out

    MLB dress code leaves female sports writers steamed at games in the summer heat. Does measuring the length of their shorts and skirts really fix anything?

    Oct 16 6:31 PM ET | By Jane McManus

  • Howard: Nike's split from Lance a remarkable twist in cyclist's downward spiral

    Even Nike has had enough? Wednesday's news of the company's split with Lance Armstrong is a remarkable twist in the cyclist's accelerating spiral from heroic cultural icon to disgraced champion and unconscionable liar.

    Oct 17 11:16 PM ET | By Johnette Howard

  • That's What She Said

    TWSS: Halloween ideas born of sports' stories

    Halloween is almost here and Sarah Spain has plenty of sports-themed costume ideas to get you in the holiday spirit in this week's "That's What She Said."

    Oct 16 12:36 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • W roundtable

    W roundtable: Can Yankees get back into ALCS?

    The Yankees are down 0-2 in the ALCS and hitting the road, is there anything that can save New York's season? Our experts weigh in.

    Oct 15 | By espnW

  • I'm Just Askin'

    Andrews: MLB playoffs offer drama, questions

    In her latest I'm Just Askin' column, Adena Andrews has questions about the MLB postseason.

    Oct 12 5:25 PM ET | By Adena Andrews

  • That's What She Said

    Spain: Fans celebrating Cassel's injury inexcusable

    In this week's "That's What She Said," Sarah Spain takes issue with the Kansas City fans who cheered after Matt Cassel's injury and maligned OT Eric Winston's defense of his QB.

    Oct 11 10:28 AM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • Andrews: Battle of the New York arenas

    It isn't just Knicks vs. Nets. Madison Square Garden now has a rival in Brooklyn's brand-new Barclays Center. We look at how NYC's arenas stack up.

    Oct 10 10:47 AM ET | By Adena Andrews

  • Caple: For Lindsey Vonn, it has to be all or nothing

    If Lindsey Vonn wants to race against men, it cannot be a one-off. Otherwise, the skier risks sending the message that the women's side of the sport is not as talented or as important as the men's side.

    Oct 9 4:27 AM ET | By Jim Caple

  • The Mag: Fagan on the gay rights movement in sports

    In ESPN The Magazine, Kate Fagan writes that allies in the sports world are helping pave the way for the first openly gay male athlete from a major team sport.

    Oct 8 | By Kate Fagan

  • W roundtable

    W roundtable: Lolo Jones' latest attention grab

    Lolo Jones has no trouble capturing headlines, as she did this weekend training with the U.S. bobsledding team. Was this a publicity stunt or the beginning of a multi-sport Olympic endeavor?

    Oct 8 | By espnW

  • That's What She Said

    Spain: Highlights, questions from espnW Women + Sports Summit

    In this week's "That's What She Said," Sarah Spain reflects on her time at the espnW Women + Sports Summit and highlights its inspiring moments and troubling, unanswered questions.

    Oct 4 1:40 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • W roundtable

    W roundtable: Where does Ryder Cup collapse rank?

    The U.S. collapse in Sunday's Ryder Cup was significant, but where does it rank in the history of sports' memorable collapses? Our writers weigh in.

    Oct 1 | By espnW

  • McManus: Roger Goodell puts on a sorry spectacle

    Despite his apology to NFL fans for using replacement officials, commissioner Roger Goodell's hubris -- and lack of credibility -- are on full display.

    Sep 28 3:26 PM ET | By Jane McManus

  • I'm Just Askin'

    Andrews: WNBA playoffs yield questions

    In her latest "I'm Just Askin'" column, Adena Andrews has a hurry-up attack of questions after the first week of the NFL season.

    Sep 28 3:31 PM ET | By Adena Andrews

  • That's What She Said

    Spain: Forget replacement refs, focus on NFL's other stories

    In this week's "That's What She Said," Sarah Spain gives the replacement refs a rest and focuses on the more compelling storylines the NFL has to offer.

    Sep 27 9:19 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • McManus: Players, coaches on right side of ref controversy

    The NFL should be grateful Monday night's debacle is the worst development to come out of the replacement ref saga and find a way to get the regular officials back on the field before the NFL loses any more credibility.

    Sep 26 2:09 PM ET | By Jane McManus

  • W roundtable

    W roundtable: Tina Charles the MVP favorite

    With the WNBA playoffs upon us, one question remains: Who has earned the WNBA MVP honors? Our writers weigh in, picking an overwhelming favorite.

    Sep 24 | By espnW

  • That's What She Said

    Spain: How to survive the NHL lockout

    Sarah Spain is already dealing with NHL withdrawal. In this week's "That's What She Said," she offers a few ideas to get you through the lean days ahead.

    Sep 19 2:58 PM ET | By Sarah Spain

  • W roundtable

    W roundtable: How to increase LPGA's exposure

    The LPGA just wrapped up its final major, but many sports fans probably didn't even know. Our writers weigh in with suggestions for increasing the tour's exposure.

    Sep 17 | By espnW