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    Fennelly buoyed by family at Iowa State

    With two sons helping, head coach Bill Fennelly brings a down-home approach to Iowa State, and that resonates with the Cyclones' Midwestern fans.

    Feb 29 | By Pat Borzi

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    Hoops team brings warm glow to Michigan Tech

    At a school known for harsh winters and stringent academic standards, a jewel of a basketball program has distinguished itself in Division II.

    Feb 23 | By Joanne C. Gerstner

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    Confluence of events makes Louisville hoops heaven

    Louisville ranks second in the nation in attendance. Credit an open-minded AD, the right coach, a sparkling new arena and a player who captivated fans at the right time.

    Feb 19 | By Graham Hays

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    Texas Tech High Riders play unique role

    The spirit organization is devoted to supporting women's sports only, and the bond is deepest with the basketball team.

    Feb 11 | By Brant James

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    Button Man helps preserve Duke memories

    Rob Rabb started making buttons of the Duke women's basketball players to support the program. Little did he know they would become such cherished mementos.

    Feb 5 | By Viv Bernstein

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    They get amped at Hampton

    A 60-piece band, a DJ, a dance team and a cheerleading squad create a pulsating, raucous -- and intimidating -- environment for the Lady Pirates basketball team.

    Jan 30 | By Joanne C. Gerstner

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    Love of the Irish drives volunteers

    A core of 50 mostly senior females helps organize the sea of green-clad fans on game days at Notre Dame, one of the toughest places to play in the country.

    Jan 22 | By Melissa Isaacson

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    Past success lurks in ODU's shadows

    Old Dominion's past is littered with stories of success, but our latest Hoops Across America stop found a Lady Monarchs program struggling to recapture glory.

    Jan 11 | By Mechelle Voepel

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    Purdue hoops rooted in history

    Courtney Moses is the latest in a line of small-town players to find a home at Purdue where she shares a sense of Indiana pride with teammates and fans.

    Jan 4 | By Graham Hays

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    Gallaudet makes its point loud and clear

    Players at this Division III school prove that lack of hearing is not a disability and that hard work and heart speak volumes on the basketball court.

    Dec 28 | By Brant James

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    Kim Mulkey stokes the fire at Baylor

    Charismatic, energetic and at times a tempest on the sideline, the fiery -- and well-dressed -- coach has educated fans, filled seats and transformed Baylor into a national power.

    Dec 16 | By Pat Borzi

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    Northern State's the only game in town

    The tiny school in Aberdeen, S.D., endures brutal winters, but residents flock to the gym on cold nights to rally around the team that leads Division II in attendance.

    Dec 13 | By Graham Hays

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    Spokane embracing Gonzaga's ride

    The Zags have catapulted to the NCAA elite, thriving on the support of a close-knit community. It's been a treat for all involved.

    Dec 8 | By Meri-Jo Borzilleri

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    Putting the VOL in volume

    Ear-piercingly loud sisters Raubyn and Donna Branton are on a mission to annoy opposing fans and torment officials.

    Nov 23 | By Dave Scheiber

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    Geno Auriemma and Connecticut a perfect fit

    In a state divided between New York and Boston fans, the UConn coach is all theirs. And his program keeps them coming back.

    Nov 21 | By Graham Hays

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    Military roots make Texas A&M traditions unique

    From the Corps of Cadets to the 12th Man and mascot, Texas A&M is serious about tradition. In our first Hoops Across America story, espnW takes it all in.

    Nov 15 | By Brant James