Journeys & Victories Archive

  • The comeback kid

    Sarah Sumpter, 21, has managed to climb back on top of the collegiate cross country running scene just 12 months after a devastating cancer diagnosis.

    Nov 14 | By Julia Savacool

  • Iraq vet takes on Kilimanjaro

    Nancy Schiliro's seven-day hike up Mount Kilimanjaro gave her confidence a much-needed boost after suffering a serious injury during her deployment.

    Nov 10 | By Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions

  • Jones clears latest hurdle

    Surgery sidelined hurdler Lolo Jones for much of 2011. espnW caught up with Jones, who discussed recovery, training … and how spine pain can kill a hot date.

    Nov 9 | By Julia Savacool

  • Fast waves, faster girl

    For Carissa Moore, the ASP women's world surfing champ, it's competing in the men's Vans Triple Crown this month that has her totally stoked.

    Nov 7 | By Cristina Goyanes

  • A fighting spirit

    Always looking for a new challenge, Maureen Shea found her calling in the ring. As the number of wins continue to climb, Shea's reputation as the knockout queen grows.

    Nov 3 | By Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions

  • Lauren Fleshman runs with perspective

    In advance of her marathon debut, Lauren Fleshman opens up about other life goals, being "multidimensional" ... and her fear of on-the-run tummy troubles.

    Nov 2 | By Sarah Lorge Butler

  • New York City Marathon by the numbers

    The biggest marathon in the world just keeps getting bigger. Here's what you need to know about this monster race.

    Oct 31 12:43 PM ET

  • Finch's next feat? A marathon

    Jennie Finch may have retired from the softball, but she's not done being an athlete. Finch is running the NYC Marathon on Sunday to raise money for youth running programs.

    Oct 31 | By Amy Van Deusen

  • Running for maternal health

    In Third World nations with limited medical resources, childbirth complications can turn fatal. Christy Turlington Burns is running to change that.

    Oct 31 | By Leslie Goldman

  • Pedaling through the pain

    When cyclist Colleen Whealdon-Haught died, her husband vowed to keep her spirit alive. For two years, he's provided a place to empower cancer survivors.

    Oct 26 | By Sharon Liao and Julia Savacool

  • Sparkling softball friendship

    Former Olympian Cat Osterman and best friend Lindsay Gardner are back together -- this time as coaches.

    Oct 24 | By Colleen Oakley

  • As expected, Laura Barito proves herself again

    The swimming and track star from the small hometown and small Division III school wins a big honor: NCAA Woman of the Year.

    Oct 20 | By Julie Ward

  • Just for kicks

    Danielle Resha's football fantasy came true when she joined the Boston Ravens, a semipro team. Now, she just has to prove she belongs.

    Oct 20 | By Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions

  • Hitting the hardwood

    Katie Hayek's first love was basketball, followed closely by acting. Then an opportunity arrived to merge her two passions with "The Mighty Macs."

    Oct 19 | By Julia Savacool

  • Looking back on Nyad's swim

    Diana Nyad's three attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida all ended before the finish line. Her friend Elaine Lafferty reflects on what these swims meant.

    Oct 18 | By Elaine Lafferty

  • Keeping a dream afloat

    After spending five years away from the water, Erika Erndl, 33, decided to take the plunge and pursue a spot on the U.S. swim team.

    Oct 10 | By Sharon Liao

  • Mission from a mountain

    When competitive cyclist Shannon Galpin decided to tackle the vertical climbs of Afghanistan's Panjshir Valley, she had to overcome more than hills.

    Oct 3 | By Sharon Liao

  • Iron will

    Maureen McGowan's passion for triathlons, developed after beating Hodgkin's lymphoma, helped her brother, Don, stay strong during his cancer fight.

    Sep 29 | By Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions

  • Lindsey Van fights for, wins Olympic opportunity

    Launching herself into the air at 60 mph takes guts. But for the ski jumper, it's nothing compared to the courage needed to fight to have her sport taken seriously.

    Sep 26

  • Rachel Cieslewicz will never quit

    Despite serious health problems and life-threatening setbacks, this trail-running pro's incredible ability to stay focused lands her on top of her game.

    Sep 19 | By Cristina Goyanes

  • The end of a meaningful ride

    Checking in with Cecelia Kauth days after her cross-country ride to honor her father and other Americans who perished in 9/11.

    Sep 15 | By Julia Savacool

  • Testing the waters

    For sailor Carrie Howe, stature and sex could be a major roadblock to success on the racing circuit or one more way to push her limits as she follows her dreams.

    Sep 12 | By Julia Savacool

  • Marking memories by the mile

    To honor her father, who died in the 9/11 attacks, Cecelia Kauth hit the road.

    Sep 9 | By Hannah Storm/Brainstormin Productions

  • Denise Castelli's sideline view second to none

    A freak injury nearly sidelined Castelli's sporting life for good. Now, thanks to a new leg and unyielding determination, she's making a fresh start.

    Sep 5 | By Paula Vergara

  • Readers' biggest sports moments

    From hard-earned PRs to unforgettable games, some moments in sports are life changers. These women turned blood, sweat and tears into major milestones.

    Aug 29 | By Compiled by Cristina Goyanes