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  • Fagan: Bridgeport Regional breakdown

    UConn is the favorite to win in Bridgeport, but to reach their sixth consecutive Final Four, the Huskies need to overcome some serious star power among their opponents.

    Mar 29 12:53 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Kentucky's Mathies guts it out

    The 34-point performance by Kentucky senior A'dia Mathies, who had a stomach ailment, was reminiscent of Michael Jordan's famous "flu game" in the 1997 NBA Finals.

    Mar 27 12:36 AM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Kentucky's press will test Dayton

    Kentucky doesn't keep its game plan under wraps. On the cover of the team's media guide are the words "40 minutes" -- as in, the Wildcats aim to bring pressure for the entire game. Dayton will try and keep up in the second round on Tuesday.

    Mar 25 6:20 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: UConn will have a height advantage over Vanderbilt

    UConn will face Vanderbilt in the first game of eight Monday. It will be Stefanie Dolson's height against Tiffany Clarke's quickness.

    Mar 25 4:28 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Dayton flying high after double OT win

    The Flyers felt a bit underappreciated after finishing 27-2 and being given a No. 7 seed by the NCAA selection committee. Even worse, they had to face St. John's on the Red Storm's home court in the first round.

    Mar 25 8:25 AM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Opposites collide with Kentucky-Navy

    While Navy is the type of team to squeeze every second out of the shot clock and slow down the game, Kentucky prefers a frenetic pace, plays end line to end line and applies full-court pressure.

    Mar 23 11:08 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Colorado, Delaware likely grimacing at tourney bracket

    Players and coaches will say all of the right things, about how every team in the NCAA tournament must be feared. But don't let that rhetoric fool you. Colorado and Delaware are probably looking at the bracket right now and grimacing.

    Mar 19 12:05 AM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: What Brittney Griner says about us

    As Baylor star Brittney Griner caps her record-setting college career, it's a pretty good bet that whatever praise she receives will also come with a side of scorn -- because her best seems to bring out some people's worst.

    May 28 10:37 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Duke freshman Jones grows up in a hurry

    A 2007 car accident that left her father paralyzed and a season-ending injury to Duke's starting point guard have tested Alexis Jones. The smooth-moving freshman is passing with flying colors.

    Mar 13 2:45 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Duke too much for North Carolina

    In a display of epic Duke-ness, the Blue Devils used suffocating defense and precision shooting to rout North Carolina for their eighth ACC tournament title.

    Mar 10 7:13 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Latifah Coleman answers the call for Tar Heels

    North Carolina's Latifah Coleman played the game of her life on the biggest stage, scoring 17 second-half points in an upset against Maryland in the ACC semifinals.

    Mar 25 8:22 AM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Commentary

    Fagan: Women's bout all about money for UFC

    Dana White famously said women would never fight in the UFC, but the prospect of a profit has him singing a different tune as Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche get set for Saturday's bout.

    Feb 22 9:04 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Commentary

    Fagan: Recent events further expose underlying sexism in our sports culture

    From DeMarcus Cousins' comments to Steubenville to the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide, recent events have further exposed the sexism that exists in our sports culture.

    Feb 14 11:23 AM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Ayanbadejo can't fully celebrate just yet

    When Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo spoke in a postgame interview about his son's likely surgery, his six-year-old daughter was all ears. Her baby brother's heart condition was news to little Anaya.

    Feb 4 4:00 AM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Keeping up with super Sam Gordon

    Sam Gordon, the football-playing star who became a YouTube sensation and Super Bowl guest, likens herself to Hannah Montana and her alter ego, Miley Stewart.

    Feb 2 9:40 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: 'Blind Side' family cheering on their NFL son

    Leigh Anne Tuohy says "The Blind Side" gives family a platform to talk about the foster care system.

    Feb 1 8:57 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Play Bourre? Thanks to Bernard Pollard, there's an app for that

    With an eye on life after football, Ravens' Pollard takes his love of video games and technology to new heights.

    Feb 1 4:29 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Beyonce answers critics in song

    Beyonce opened her news conference with the national anthem, and then asked for questions.

    Jan 31 9:54 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Brendon Ayanbadejo speaks out against Chris Culliver's remarks

    Brendon Ayanbadejo wanted this week to be just about football, but he couldn't be silent about marriage equality after what Chris Culliver said. Not when Ayanbadejo is trying to speak for so many who don't have the kind of platform he has.

    Jan 31 5:46 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Patience, loyalty paying off for Cam Johnson

    Cam Johnson plummeted to the seventh round in the 2012 NFL draft, but he never gave less than his best as a 49ers practice-squad player. That effort earned him a spot on the active roster in December and maybe an appearance Sunday in Super Bowl XLVII.

    Jan 31 2:03 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Slogan connects 49ers to new fans

    The 49ers' Quest for Six marketing campaign has gone viral, connecting a team with a rich history to a new generation of fans.

    Jan 30 6:36 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Podium or not, San Francisco 49ers' Alex Smith handles media day

    How was media day for 49ers QB Alex Smith's media day? Bittersweet. The former starter continues to adjust to life as Colin Kaepernick's backup.

    Jan 29 9:37 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Super Bowl returns to New Orleans, post-Katrina

    What does the Super Bowl's return mean for New Orleans, post-Katrina? One of its hometown boys, James Carville, tries to put it all into perspective.

    Jan 28 9:51 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: Harbaugh Bowl bittersweet for parents

    The Harbaugh Bowl will be tough to watch for two people: mom and dad Jackie and Jack, who will have to console the losing son.

    Jan 28 4:39 PM ET | By Kate Fagan

  • Fagan: No. 20 Colorado returns to prominence

    In December, Colorado returned to the Top 25 for the first time since 2008. Now, Colorado is 15-2, ranked No. 20 and appears poised to earn its first trip to the NCAA tournament since 2004.

    Jan 24 2:42 PM ET | By Kate Fagan