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Mechelle Voepel joined in 1996 and covers women's college hoops, the WNBA, the LPGA, and additional collegiate sports for espnW.
  • Voepel: It only gets tougher for Lady Tigers

    For LSU to reach its fifth straight Final Four (and earn coach Van Chancellor his first trip), the Lady Tigers will have to beat top-seeded North Carolina, their toughest Elite Eight foe in five years.

    Mar 31 4:35 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: LSU, Oklahoma State guards get to the point

    LSU's defense and Oklahoma State's poor shooting didn't make Saturday's Sweet 16 game very suspenseful. But the point guard battle and the effort Andrea Riley and Erica White put in was the game within the game.

    Mar 30 1:34 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Despite subpar effort, Carolina pulls off comeback

    Despite getting beat in every statistical category -- not to mention falling behind by 18 points -- North Carolina never panicked Saturday. And now, the Heels are in their fourth straight Elite Eight.

    Mar 29 10:04 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Black the driving force behind Blue Devils

    Forced to watch from the bench a year ago while recovering from an injury, Chante Black is now the driving force behind third-seeded Duke.

    Mar 29 5:49 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Loaded with talent, Louisville ready for first Sweet 16

    With speed and loads of talent -- including Candyce Bingham, who transferred back home to play at Louisville -- the Cardinals can't wait to take aim at top-seeded UNC in the Sweet 16.

    Mar 28 1:19 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Overlooked Vandy could test Terps

    Vanderbilt is one of the country's most consistent programs -- yet often overlooked and underappreciated. But if top-seeded Maryland comes out slow again in its Sweet 16 matchup Saturday, the Commodores could be the ones coming out on top.

    Mar 28 1:25 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Oklahoma City breakdown

    Can Texas A&M's backcourt get the better of Duke's stronger front line? Can Notre Dame slow down defending champ Tennessee -- better than it did earlier this season when the Lady Vols beat the Irish by 24 points? We'll find out Sunday.

    Mar 28 11:44 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Wanting Moore

    Maya Moore is enjoying every minute. And thanks to her skills and all-out hustle all the time, we are, too.

    Mar 26 9:14 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Huskies vs. Horns? More like Geno vs. Gail

    Eighth-seeded Texas isn't really expected to hang with a sleek machine like top-seeded UConn on Tuesday night. No, this second-round game is most intriguing because of the coaching matchup.

    Mar 25 3:37 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Unusual suspects step up big for Huskies

    UConn clicked on all cylinders in its 89-47 first-round victory over Cornell, and got an extra big boost as often-inconsistent Brittany Hunter and Charde Houston made significant contributions.

    Mar 24 3:52 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Coach G relishing first tourney with Texas

    Gail Goestenkors is back in the NCAA tournament, in a familiar venue. But she's wearing burnt orange instead of blue and black. And why is she looking so darn relaxed?

    Mar 23 12:37 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: New tourney, same disappointing result for OSU

    Upsets do happen to programs, no doubt. But the upset bug biting the Buckeyes for a third year in a row in the NCAA tournament is really rather alarming. And it's also not a good reflection on the Big Ten.

    Mar 23 2:16 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: New tournament, same old favorites

    We're not saying you won't see any upsets in the next few days. But all signs point to this being a tournament for the big dogs such as Tennessee and UConn.

    Mar 21 6:02 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Many Volunteers must step up in Tennessee's title defense

    For Tennessee to win a second straight national title, Candace Parker's star must continue to shine. But to send Parker out as a two-time champ, every other Lady Volunteer must fill her role -- just like they did in Cleveland a year ago.

    Mar 18 7:13 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Big Easy anything but for top four seeds

    The Big Easy isn't going to be easy at all for whichever team makes it through. The toughest region in the bracket, New Orleans will be difficult for No. 1 North Carolina to emerge from.

    Mar 18 2:02 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Counting down the hours

    Now that Championship Week -- and all its surprises -- has wrapped, there's nothing left to do but wait, fake it at work Monday, adjust your mock brackets one more time, and wait some more to see what our friends in Indianapolis come up with.

    Mar 17 10:05 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Will the final No. 1 stand up?

    Mar 9 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Lots to ponder for Champ Week

    Mar 6 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • WNBA stars gearing up for busy '08

    Mar 5 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Old powers surging again

    Virginia and Old Dominion share a similar history and Interstate 64. And in the postseason, they will be "under the radar" teams to keep an eye on.

    Mar 4 3:45 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • UNC runs the table in ACC

    Mar 2 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Stringer's love for game as notable as 800 wins

    It's hard to celebrate C. Vivian Stringer's career without remembering the tough times she has endured off the court. But instead of giving in to the tragedies and heartache, Stringer's heart kept healing and her love for the game -- and her success in it -- never wavered.

    Feb 28 10:43 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Something Moore

    LSU came close to toppling another top-ranked team Monday. But in the end, UConn had a little more -- as in Maya Moore, who, despite being a freshman, should be the front-runner for Big East player of the year.

    Feb 26 1:19 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Relying on Renee

    Maya Moore and Tina Charles are the unquestionable stars at Connecticut. But no one's more important to the Huskies' success than ever-steady guard Renee Montgomery.

    Feb 24 10:48 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Parker ready to move on

    Feb 21 | By Mechelle Voepel