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Mechelle Voepel joined in 1996 and covers women's college hoops, the WNBA, the LPGA, and additional collegiate sports for espnW.
  • Voepel: NC State's Key to success

    Go ahead and call Ashley Key a nerd. She won't mind. But the senior guard brings speed, confidence and a brainy, savvy side to NC State.

    Mar 18 8:25 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: First NCAA win a long time coming for Georgia Tech

    For years, it seemed like Georgia Tech was on the brink of something great. On Saturday, it became a reality as the Yellow Jackets beat DePaul to set up a date with Purdue, their coach's alma mater.

    Mar 18 7:19 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Emotion, Whittington driving forces for NC State

    With a coach battling cancer for the third time, emotion and heart continue to drive NC State. But having Khadijah Whittington on hand doesn't hurt the Wolfpack's chances, either.

    Mar 17 3:22 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Gonna fly now

    Like those Wright brothers years ago, some teams are flying high into the Big Dance. Others? Not so much. At least, that's the way Orville and Wilbur tell it.

    Mar 15 3:45 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Texas-sized impact

    What women's basketball players have now could never have happened if women's college sports pioneers such as Texas' Jody Conradt hadn't started the push for change decades ago.

    Mar 13 2:39 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: New bracket, but another tough regional for Tennessee

    For the second year in a row, Tennessee got placed in the toughest regional. But unlike recent seasons, there are fewer complaints to make about the selection committee, no matter how many times it threw around a three-word answer Monday.

    Mar 13 11:26 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Bungle Tigers

    It's not possible to earn a more resounding "F" than LSU has on dealing with Pokey Chatman's resignation. But amid all the rumors, it's hard not to feel for the LSU players, who are caught in the middle of the debacle.

    Mar 9 3:41 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Mulkey focused on Baylor, not SEC openings

    The news that LSU coach Pokey Chatman resigned Wednesday helped liven up the ho-hum Big 12 quarterfinals, especially with Louisiana native Kim Mulkey -- a hot coaching property -- on hand to field questions about several job openings.

    Mar 9 10:31 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Big expectations for the Big 12 championship

    Will seeds hold in the Big 12 championship? The league has been far too erratic this season to make that prediction. But co-regular-season champs Texas A&M and OU are surely the favorites.

    Mar 5 1:09 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: The ACC's other success stories

    While a certain ACC trio has grabbed most of the national headlines this season, Florida State and Georgia Tech have both had very good seasons that will likely include an NCAA bid.

    Feb 28 11:13 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Let the postseason begin

    Though the front-runners in both the SEC and Big Ten tournaments are no surprise, the conference tournaments remain very compelling as teams get one last chance to prove they deserve an NCAA bid.

    Feb 26 10:34 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Bales puts in Wonder Woman-like performance

    Alison Bales, the player largest in stature on court, was also the one who came up big time and again as Duke wrapped up a perfect 29-0 regular season with a win over North Carolina on Sunday.

    Mar 2 12:56 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Big 12's big mess to start making sense soon

    Weird things have happened all season in the Big 12. And as the league race is coming down to the regular season's final two games, nothing would surprise Mechelle Voepel.

    Feb 24 12:03 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: UNC looks to end Duke's perfect season

    With the ACC regular-season title already locked up, school pride and possibly the No. 1 overall seed for the NCAA Tournament are on the line when rivals Duke and North Carolina meet on Sunday.

    Mar 2 12:56 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Riley-Feenstra trade a win-win

    Thursday's trade -- Detroit's Ruth Riley to San Antonio for Katie Feenstra -- appears to be a move that could work out well for both squads.

    Feb 22 9:25 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Coleman, Terps learn from losses, ready to face Duke

    Marissa Coleman and No. 6 Maryland sat they have learned plenty from three losses over the last month. But can they put those lessons to good use Sunday when the Terps meet up with No. 1 Duke again?

    Feb 16 11:55 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Leader of the Pack

    In the third battle of her life with cancer, NC State's Kay Yow still gets her biggest joy from encouraging others and coaching.

    Feb 19 1:29 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Team spirit lifts No. 1 Duke over Tar Heels on road

    Yes, it's an overused coaches' cliché. But top-ranked Duke downed previously unbeaten No. 2 North Carolina on Thursday behind a "total team effort."

    Feb 9 2:54 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Giants, rivals to clash again in 1-2 showdown

    Lucky for us. Carolina and Duke are giants colliding again (ESPN2, 7 p.m. ET Thursday), and everybody gets to watch the fireworks.

    Feb 8 12:10 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Penn State settlement leaves unsettling feeling

    From a legal standpoint, the discrimination lawsuit Jen Harris and the NCLR filed against Penn State and coach Rene Portland is closed. In reality, though, very little seems to have been resolved.

    Feb 6 12:28 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Paint battle the key when Terps host Tar Heels

    With some of the game's best posts going head-to-head Sunday when Maryland hosts UNC, the paint battle might seem like 15 rounds of heavyweight boxing.

    Jan 27 9:05 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: The California girl with the heart of true Iowan

    Lyndsey Medders is a California girl. But she has the heart of a true Iowan. No wonder Cyclones fans love her.

    Jan 27 9:06 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel