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Mechelle Voepel joined in 1996 and covers women's college hoops, the WNBA, the LPGA, and additional collegiate sports for espnW.
  • Voepel: Terps ready for time off

    Overtime is still Terps' time, as Maryland held off Georgia Tech in double overtime Sunday. Now, the Terps should be looking forward to their time off before Saturday's showdown with UNC.

    Jan 20 9:35 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Dayton's day could be coming

    Jan 20 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: State of wonder

    Just two years removed from an 0-16 league record, Oklahoma State must be considered one of the favorites to win the Big 12 race this season -- and is worthy of an NCAA Tournament bid.

    Jan 16 3:29 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Duke piecing puzzle together

    Three weeks into the season, Duke was riding a three-game losing streak. Eight straight wins later, there's a building feeling that everything is starting to come together for the Blue Devils.

    Jan 14 10:37 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Tigers derail Hogs

    LSU's defense put a stop to Arkansas' perfect season Thursday. But the Lady Tigers' offense was clicking on all cylinders, too.

    Jan 11 7:56 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Yow: All in how you look at it

    Jan 9 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Law out to resume order, winning ways for Illini

    For 12 years, Jolette Law worked alongside Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer. Now on her own at Illinois in her first head coaching job, Law hopes to become the same kind of coach as her longtime mentor.

    Dec 29 12:27 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • At Maples, Christmas came early

    Dec 23 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Playing for two

    Think trying to win two titles in three years is hard? Try doing it while carrying twins. But coach Brenda Frese and her Maryland Terps don't seem to mind bearing the extra weight of expectations.

    Dec 21 10:08 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Angel Heart

    Five years ago, neither Angel McCoughtry nor Jeff Walz dreamed they'd end up at Louisville. But the new coach's new system seems to suit the junior All-American just fine.

    Dec 13 3:10 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Millions that just don't add up

    Dec 7 | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Golden compass

    Forget up-and-coming. Cal has arrived. And with Alexis Gray-Lawson pointing the way, the Golden Bears have journeyed into the land of the elite.

    Dec 7 2:27 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Tragedy, triumph at ASU

    Arizona State took a year full of tragedy and turned it into triumph. And as players like Jill Noe can attest, the Sun Devils' transformation isn't done yet.

    Nov 23 12:16 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Thrill power

    It has been a long time since Gail Goestenkors felt the thrill and excitement that goes along with accomplishing something for the first time. It probably won't be a long wait for the Texas coach and her Longhorns.

    Nov 16 7:49 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: CP3 Jamboree a must-see

    Two vital parts of women's basketball's present and future will collide in the "CP3 Jamboree" on Thursday when Tennessee's Candace Parker and Oklahoma's Courtney Paris share the same court.

    Nov 25 8:21 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: McCants, UNC posts push aside Sun Devils

    She has always been known as the younger sibling of Rashad McCants. But this season, and particularly in Sunday's win over ASU, Rashanda McCants is making a name for herself.

    Nov 12 3:01 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Coleman, Terps back to form in win over OU

    In easily beating All-American Courtney Paris and Oklahoma, No. 4 Maryland looked very much like a national-title contender again -- as much as any team can in November.

    Nov 12 1:39 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Like Latta, freshman Lucas ready to lead UNC

    Freshman Italee Lucas has the same speed and skills -- and initials -- of North Carolina's last great point guard.

    Nov 9 1:59 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: The art of Paris

    One could argue that Oklahoma's Courtney Paris is on her way to being the most productive player in NCAA history. Just don't forget to appreciate her efforts, talent and enthusiasm along the way.

    Nov 8 12:48 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Season of change

    More so than any recent season in history, major changes have taken place this past offseason. Big-time coaches have changed schools (or returned, in Van Chancellor's case at LSU) and there have been some significant hirings of African-American women.

    Nov 7 12:43 AM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Tennessee takes aim at title defense

    The Lady Vols looked down and out at the Final Four last April. But then, rising to Pat Summitt's challenge, the Tennessee players added a little persistence to their game -- the same stuff they'll need to take home another title this season.

    Nov 4 12:16 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Texas A&M starts out on top of Big 12

    Texas A&M has gone from cellar to stellar in the Big 12. And with coach Gary Blair leading the way and all five starters back, the Aggies are out to remain on top.

    Oct 30 12:01 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Optimism, belief in product first steps for Terwilliger

    The WNBA is going out on a limb with expansion. But J. Ronald Terwilliger, owner of Atlanta's new WNBA team for the 2008 season, seems to believe in the product -- a must for an independently owned franchise.

    Oct 18 12:20 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Return to 16 pre-determined sites the right move

    Going back to 16 pre-determined sites for the NCAA Tournament isn't a perfect solution. But it's a smart decision -- good for the game, the fans and, really, all parties involved.

    Oct 12 5:13 PM ET | By Mechelle Voepel

  • Voepel: Perfectionism a way of life for Nebraska's POY

    At the age of 5, Sarah Pavan planned her life down to the very last detail -- including multiple national championships. In 2006, the perfectionist ended her season perfectly, writes Mechelle Voepel.

    Aug 23 | By Mechelle Voepel