The year that 'twas

'Twas the night before Christmas and at Casa de Spain,
Sarah was up late, racking her brain.
She sat with her laptop, a snack and a beer,
And thought back on a truly remarkable year.

Records were broken and titles were won,
Scandals unearthed and careers undone.
Some heroes were born and some laid to rest,
And lockouts put every fan's faith to the test.

While most were recovering from New Year's Eve "cheer,"
The Frogs won the Rose Bowl to kick off the year.
This year's national champs were Cam and his bros,
Beating the Ducks for all the Tostitos.

In the year's second month, football fans were not thrilled
When the Super Bowl hosts didn't prep for a chill.
Dallas was icy, with slippery streets,
And Jerry Jones hadn't finished building the seats!

But all those complaints soon were repealed
When the Packers and Steelers took to the field.
A-Rodg and his teammates could not be stopped,
Besting Big Ben to finish on top.

VCU students showed up in scores
When hoopheads went south for the Final Four.
UConn beat Butler in a dog of a game,
But Kemba's Huskies rejoiced just the same.

The next day the ladies' new champ was decided
When the Aggies and Irish in Indy collided.
Despite a big game from the red-hot SkyDigg,
It was Adams and A&M who came up big.

At Augusta that weekend "old Tiger" was found,
But he couldn't quite cap off his final round.
And when young Rory McIlroy just couldn't hack it,
Some guy named Charl won the Masters' green jacket.

At the NFL draft in NYC,
Cam, Von and Marcell went 1, 2 and 3.
Back in April those teams didn't yet know
That to suck for Luck would be a good way to go.

When June rolled around, the ice heated up
With the Bruins and Nucks at odds for the Cup.
When Boston won, a yearning was quieted,
But out in Vancouver the hooligans rioted.

Beating the Heat was everyone's mission
After LeBron annoyed many with his "Decision."
Dirk and the Mavs spoiled things for The King,
Winning it all and stealing his ring.

Hope, Abby and Alex became worldwide stars
And millions of fans cheered them on from afar.
Though they fell to Japan in their very last game,
They're remembered as heroes, all the same.

Canton and Springfield were popular places,
As their Halls welcomed in a bunch of new faces.
Rodman, Mullin, Faulk, Dent and "Prime"
Were honored and praised for their on-field time.

Judges and lawyers took center stage
As debates over cap space and BRI raged.
Fans forgave football for its short delay,
But the verdict's still out on the NBA.

By the time leaves were falling,
Pro ladies were balling.
Augustus and Moore put the Dream to sleep:
Their Lynx took three straight to win in a sweep.

Postseason baseball was simply sublime.
Was World Series Game 6 the best of all time?
The Cardinals and Rangers went down to the wire,
And when his team won, La Russa retired.

November saw stories that left us distressed:
The death of Joe Frazier and Penn State arrests.
We mourned the loss of a boxer so strong,
Saw the fall of a coach who was quiet too long.

Ever since then we've questioned this thing we call sport,
How its purpose and value some folks could distort,
How it got off the tracks like a runaway train,
And if it's too late to right it again.

Meanwhile, the Packers, their win streak kept going,
For Mercury Morris no champagne was flowing.
They kept right on winning! Perfection they neared!
'Til their win streak was ended by Orton's neck beard.

The NFL found a new star in Tim T;
His late-game heroics put fans on one knee.
Evaluations of his talent were wide-ranged
Thom says those who meet him are forever changed.

On Sunday the NBA opens its doors.
Teams look quite different after free-agent wars.
Chris Paul is a Clipper, Tyson a Knick;
Odom and Khloe now live in the sticks.

Greg Oden is injured; who knows when he'll play.
Kobe's wife is expecting a massive payday.
Dwight Howard is grumpy and wants out of town;
Good luck working that out if Stern is around.

There were moments this year both pure and right,
When teams inspired us all with their fight.
There were days at the ballpark with friends and beers,
There were triumphs and feats that earned our cheers.

It was a great year for sports! Or, maybe not.
Lawyers got more pub than athletes got.
Greed was the buzzword for players and owners,
And college programs seemed run by the donors.

Sarah thought of all this as she went off to bed
With visions of 2012 all in her head.
And I heard her mumble -- I could just barely hear --
Like a true Cubs fan: "There's always next year."

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