With Tebowing in, other moves for Madden 13

With Tebowing being added to Madden 13, Sarah Spain quizzes some Chicago Bears about other trends that should be added to the game.

The L.A. Kings' Jack Johnson did it after scoring a goal. Magic center Dwight Howard did it in a Chinese restaurant. Playboy Playmates did it in their underwear, Bill Maher did it in a tree and Maria Menounos did it on the Golden Globes red carpet. Rick Santorum even did it while campaigning.

Tebowing, the act of lowering onto one knee and leaning on the other knee in prayer, replaced planking as the go-to move for celebs and fans alike last year. Athletes have been striking the pose for years, but after all the buzz Tim Tebow got last season, the move will forever be associated with the Jets backup (at least for now) quarterback.

Fans of Tebow and his signature move will be delighted to learn the latest incarnation of EA Sports' Madden NFL game will feature Tebowing. The game's creative director, Mike Young, tweeted Friday, "Tebowing is in for #madden13."

The announcement left a lot of people wondering about the specifics of virtual Tebowing. Does the Tebow character automatically make the move after every touchdown or will the gamer be able to control when and where he does it? Will Tebow's character be the only one who can perform the move, or could, say, Tom Brady, Tebow after a TD as a means of mocking the Jets QB?

I'm more interested in what the addition of Tebowing means to the game as a whole. Does this move spell the beginning of more creative additions to Madden? If the makers are going to include Tebow's patented prayer pose, might they consider adding a few other notable celebrations and stunts?

How about a these:

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Ndamukong Suh's behavior could spawn a negative move in video game's alternate reality.

• The Suh Stomp: If Lions defensive end Ndamukong Suh gets blown up on a play, he can lash out with a patented Suh Stomp on his nearest opponent. Move results in a 15-yard penalty, loss of down and a loss of respect from your opponent.

• Cruzing: If Tebow's subdued celebration gets a spot in Madden, Giants receiver Victor Cruz's spicy salsa dancing deserves inclusion as well. Players who know a special code can select from five different "Dancing With The Stars" dancers to serve as Cruz's partner in the end zone.

• The Sanchez Sweats: The pressure is on for Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez this year; Tebow will be waiting in the wings, ready to steal his job. At any point in the game Sanchez may suffer from a brief panic attack -- shaking, sweating and shutting down.

• Fiesta Siesta: If a player overuses Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, throwing to him on every play, the character might take a temporary Fiesta Siesta. The Gronker may know how to party, but even he needs a break every once in a while. During his two-to-three snap nap, Gronkowski will be on the field, but unable to catch or block.

• Sock Selector: Robert Griffin III has serious sock swagger; he even wore Superman socks with red capes affixed to them to the Heisman Trophy ceremony. With this feature, players could outfit the Redskins QB in a different pair of colorful, patterned socks before each offensive set.

• Bounty Break: After every big hit, Saints defenders will halt play and run to the sideline to collect their fees.

• The Belt: Packers QB Aaron Rodgers celebrates his scores by pretending to put on a championship wrestling belt. In the new Madden, a cheat code will allow players to design the belt he conjures up post-touchdown.

• Slap-grab handshake: A much-publicized altercation between Lions coach Jim Schwartz and Niners coach Jim Harbaugh last season began with what Harbaugh described as an overzealous "slap-grab handshake." Players who have just defeated a particularly annoying, smack-talking opponent can choose to end the game with a "SGH" instead of regular postgame pleasantries.

• Favre-ing: Midway through every game, an ESPN ticker will appear at the bottom of the screen with rumors Brett Favre is close to joining one of the two teams. If the game selects your team, you automatically lose on a Favre interception with less than a minute to play.

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