Olympics burning questions


Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte shows off the grill made by Paul Wall and TV Johnny.

So much goes on in one day of Olympic competition, it's hard for the average person to keep up. In my case, some of the events left a few lingering questions other people might be afraid to ask for fear of looking ignorant. Thankfully, that's never been a problem for me.

• Which hardware is cooler, Ryan Lochte's grill or a gold medal?

• When the U.S. beats Great Britain, do you secretly say, "And that's for taxation without representation!"?

• Should we stack the deck and put some basketball players on the USA volleyball team for ultimate leaping power?

• Did anybody actually think the Queen of England jumped out of that helicopter during the opening ceremony?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Shin Lam cried after a clock malfunction cost her a gold medal. Was her cry more painful than Jordyn Wieber's after she failed to qualify for the individual all-around finals?

• Speaking of the ceremony, didn't it resemble a bad nightmare after drinking sour milk and watching Harry Potter movies?

• After Abby Wambach took that sucker punch in the eye, can we officially call her the toughest athlete at the Games?

• Which was the more painful crying session: South Korean fencer Shin A. Lam after a clock issue in the final second or Jordyn Wieber after not qualifying for the individual all-around finals?

• When will U.S. gymnast Aly Raisman's parents get their own reality show ... called "Stick It"?

• How can you not get teary-eyed when the national anthem plays for a gold medalist?

• Do the Olympics remind you a little of "The Hunger Games"?

• Have we become so jaded with sports that we can't enjoy a phenomenal performance but instead must claim the athlete is doping?

• Do you get winded listening to athletes breathe heavily in interviews immediately after their events?

• Who's ready for track and field?

• Who's trying to go to Rio in 2016?

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