WMX champ Fontanesi gives FMX a try

Ricky Monti

Chiara Fontanesi, right, jumps on the ramp for the first time at Alve SuperPark.

Reigning WMX World Championship winner Chiara Fontanesi is eager to take on new challenges, and last month she gave freestyle motocross a try under the guidance of Alvaro Dal Farra at a track in Belluno, Italy.

"I was really scared in the sense that it was something that I had never experienced. The effect of the ramp, iron and width, is more strange than the whole itself. But on the first jump I [landed at] 16 meters, which is not bad for today," Fontanesi said.

The 18-year-old from Parma, Italy, then practiced some tricks into the foam pit [check out these and other photos in our gallery]. She called her experience there"a little tragic" because she's still figuring out the best way to approach it.

"I was afraid, not as a ramp that you do step by step … you do not know how to hold on there, do not know how you land ," she said. "But at the end it was nice to do it again."

The difficulties of riding freestyle motocross matched her expectations, but ramp jumps were a pleasant surprise.

"I found it less difficult than I thought [it would be] but doing tricks is another thing," Fontesi said. After improving from second in 2011 and winning the 2012 FIM Motocross World Championship [WMX] in August, expect to see more of Fontanesi in 2013. She swept the motos to win the final WMX stop of the AMA Pro Motocross season Sept. 8 at Lake Elsinore, Calif., and she's said she'd like to compete in X Games in 2013.

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