NWSL to open play without sponsors in place

The third incarnation of professional women's soccer in the U.S. opens its season Saturday not yet ready to announce its major sponsors and with a scaled-down business model. But in a conference call Thursday, the new league announced it would be live-streaming all games and revealed its widely varied salary range.

National Women's Soccer League executive director Cheryl Bailey said national team members financed by their respective federations from the U.S., Canada and Mexico, down to local players from the eight cities, will earn from $6,000 to $30,000 for the 5½-month season.

"As far as goals, we want to create a sustainable league and put down roots," Bailey said. "We have a proven platform with players who can compete on the highest level. We want to grow this game, and we've seen growth from all three federations and in the leagues before us.

"Week in and week out, we want to bring to fans great soccer, and I think we have that in the eight teams in this league."

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