Hoops Vs. The Ice

5 days ago

Jemele Hill, Sarah Spain and Linda Cohn debate which playoffs are better between the NHL and the NBA.

The Word: NCAA Violation?

321 days ago

Jemele Hill, Kate Fagan and Prim Siripipat discuss an unexpected NCAA violation.

The Word: WNBA Player Priorities

321 days ago

Jemele Hill, Kate Fagan and Prim Siripipat discuss how Epiphanny Prince will miss 6 WNBA games to play with the German national team.

Top Twitter follows for NBA postseason

349 days ago

In this week's "That's What She Said," Sarah Spain invites you to pull up a virtual seat alongside her and follow some of her favorite funny sources for NBA tweets. Read more ...

The false promise of the NBA

384 days ago

It would have been perfect if Griner had told Cuban to spend more time worrying about the Mavericks' playoffs chances than her NBA possibilities. Read more ...

What I wish, and what's reality, after Steubenville

469 days ago

As the controversy and protests continue in Steubenville, Ohio, after two local football players were charged with raping a 16-year-old girl, Jemele Hill writes about her hope of better protecting girls and women from similar incidents. Read more ...

Wozniacki's impersonation of Serena wasn't racist

496 days ago

Caroline Wozniacki's impersonation of Serena Williams turned out to be the beginning of a discussion, and now questions are being raised about whether Wozniacki's impersonation was racist. It wasn't. Read more ...

End the silence about domestic violence

505 days ago

The moment of silence for domestic violence victims at Arrowhead Stadium was sadly fitting, because when it comes to acknowledging violence against women, the sports world is often mute. Read more ...

espnW Summit reminds us that women matter

567 days ago

I have long accepted the fact that I was in an industry that doesn't always make women feel good about themselves. Sports media can be tough on women. Too many of us are still judged on how we look, rather than what we say or offer intellectually. Read more ...

Future of football in moms' hands

587 days ago

For mothers who either saw Devon Walker's injury, this incident was more than just a reminder about how dangerous football can be. It brought to surface an internal struggle of mothers everywhere: Should I let my son play football? Read more ...