Letting The Young Ones Shine

2 days ago

Julie Foudy sits down with Abby Wambach to discuss the state of the women's national soccer team and how much more the star forward thinks she has left to give.

Did Players Fail Sermanni?

5 days ago

Adrian Healey and Julie Foudy discuss Abby Wambach's comments questioning if the women's national soccer team is partly to blame for the firing of coach Tom Sermanni.

NWSL has chance to bloom

11 days ago

To survive, the NWSL needs more than just the wild success of the Portland franchise, Julie Foudy says, but with the support of U.S. Soccer, she sees a chance for the league to find stability. Read more ...

The fallout after Sermanni's dismissal

15 days ago

Tom Sermanni's dismissal from the U.S. women's national team was a shocking one. So, why did it happen, and happen now? Who will replace him? Julie Foudy weighs in. Read more ...

The Word: Paying Student Athletes

33 days ago

Jane McManus and Julie Foudy discuss what effect paying student athletes would have on Title IX.

Now what? Learning from Sochi Games

56 days ago

After a few days to reflect on these Winter Games, Julie Foudy believes there are lessons to be learned, and not repeated, from Sochi that can help restore the soul of the Olympics. Read more ...

Dreams lost, motivation not forgotten

60 days ago

A day after one of the toughest losses in its history, the U.S. women's hockey team reminded Julie Foudy of how tough sports can be, but why the "tough" is what makes it so rewarding. Read more ...

What I love about Sochi ...

67 days ago

Crazy Norwegian outfits! Fanatical Dutch fans! Babushkas! These are just a few of the things Julie Foudy already loves about Sochi. Read more ...

Mad to miss out on gold? I can relate

72 days ago

When Julie Foudy saw all of Hannah Kearney's reaction to taking home bronze instead of gold in the Olympic moguls event in Sochi, she could completely relate to the her raw and honest emotion. Read more ...

Foudy: My advice for Sochi athletes

75 days ago

Julie Foudy knows the nerves, adrenaline and competitiveness that every Olympian experiences. Here are her tips for athletes as they head into the Sochi Games. Read more ...