Taking the plunge

43 days ago

When triathlete Sarah Groff got engaged earlier this year she realized that wedding planning was eerily similar to training as a pro athlete. Topping the list? Obsessions about bathroom access and money, and the occasional feeling that no one else understands why she’s doing it. Read more ...

Sarah Groff adjusts to new pace

240 days ago

You wouldn’t think slower would be better for a triathlete, but adjusting to the relaxed pace in Spain has helped Sarah Groff as she takes a new approach to training. Read more ...

Sarah Groff races with love, gratitude

240 days ago

Olympic triathlete Sarah Groff says all athletes -- regardless of level -- should set race goals and find a sense of fulfillment at the finish line. Read more ...

Triathlon feels new and exciting again

240 days ago

Olympic triathlete Sarah Groff has had plenty of success. But needing to strike a better balance in life, she made major changes and has been thriving since. Read more ...

Athlete's Life: Breakfast with Sarah Groff

315 days ago

Triathlete Sarah Groff shares her morning routine and go-to breakfast.

How does it feel to be an Olympian?

639 days ago

How does it feel to be an Olympian? As the media attention builds in anticipation of this week's opening ceremonies, I've been asked this question in just about every interview I've conducted recently. Read more ...

Twirling toward triathlons

736 days ago

Olympic triathlete Sarah Groff marvels at the skills of her baton-star mother, for whom Title IX came too late. Read more ...

Olympic-bound Sarah Groff on talking triathlon

804 days ago

In her debut blog for espnW, triathlete Sarah Groff -- who has already qualified for the London Olympics -- describes the hazards of frequent travel. Among them: explaining her profession of choice to random befuddled strangers. Read more ...