Tweak your food choices -- you'll see the difference

First of all, don't stress. Your diet should not complicate your life, and you don't have to change it completely. I am a firm believer in listening to what your body wants. Not what your stomach wants -- what your body wants.

Are you lacking energy? Try to eat some protein and carbs at least 45 minutes post-workout. This doesn't have to be a full meal. I grab a hard-boiled egg and an apple. Or put some roasted almonds and dried cranberries in a container and keep them in your workout bag. Eat a handful, and make sure to down a large glass of water, too. Often it's not what we eat but when we eat that gives us the energy we need to kick butt throughout the day.

Is it hard for you to eat well on the run? Try a homemade smoothie. Keep a stock of proteins and oils such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, almonds and walnuts. We use a Vitamix and throw in frozen fruits, bananas, honey, ice, spinach, nuts, seeds and fabulous oils. You can pretty much add anything you want and it'll taste good. Drink this in the morning, and you're set for a powerful, energy-filled day. Just beware: You might become addicted.

Are you maximizing your sit-down meals? At lunch and dinner, take a good look at your plate. Is it colorful? If not, you need to accessorize. Think red, yellow and orange peppers. Bright green parsley is an amazing addition to anything from steak to salad. Yummy tomatoes are too. The brighter and more vibrant your plate looks, the more vitamins and antioxidants you are consuming.

If you have more questions, I'd love to answer them. I'm not a nutrition expert but I do have some great little health tricks I've learned from my experiences. Send them to me on Twitter @SummerSanders_ or at

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