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What's hot: Nike Pro Combat Bra

In high fashion, it almost seems as though "comfortable" and "practical" are dirty words. As long as they look great and are interesting and unique, who cares if every step in those eight-inch heels makes you silently shed a tear?

Training apparel is a little trickier. While it's true that we always want to look good, how an item looks isn't as important as how it feels. A quick preview in the dressing room isn't going to replicate how that piece of training gear is going to feel in yoga class (unless you want to attempt a half moon pose in the middle of the store). Plus, most of us aren't too keen on the idea of soaking a pair of training shorts with our sweat, then sending them back. That's why it's helpful to know which products you can always count as safe purchases. One of my all-time favorites: this bra, proving that "cute and comfy" is not an oxymoron. A solid training staple, it has a secure, compression fit that makes it perfect for medium-impact workouts.

It comes in a variety of colors, but I prefer a popping pink so that I can still make a bold fashion statement without sacrificing my comfort. Unlike that avant-garde (to put it nicely) shoulder-padded jacket or those sky-high heels, buyer's remorse is not included with purchase of this bra. Check it out here.

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