After missing a pair of free throws late in the Cavaliers' 105-103 overtime loss to the Rockets on Sunday, LeBron James posted this introspective mirror selfie to Instagram:

What was running through LeBron's mind? SportsNation sparked a #LeBronMirrorThoughts trend to answer that question. Possibilities include:

I still don't understand the color of #TheDress:

My son would've made those free throws:

Wow, DeAndre Jordan actually had a higher free throw percentage than me Sunday:


I feel like Stuart Smalley:


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Denver NuggetsAP Photo/Paul Sancya

Things are not good with the Denver Nuggets.

Two years removed from a 57-win season -- after which they dismissed coach George Karl and replaced him with Brian Shaw -- the Nuggets entered Sunday with a 20-38 record, meaning the playoffs are simply not happening.

Apparently the players know it. According to this nugget (sorry) from The Denver Post, a chant could be heard at one point during Denver's 104-82 loss at home Friday night to the not-exactly-a-powerhouse Utah Jazz:

"1-2-3 ... six weeks!"

... as in, six weeks until the season is over.

As The Post's Christopher Dempsey points out, this is reminiscent of a 1998 moment in which then-Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Van Exel, joking (he says) about his team's impending Western Conference finals exit against (coincidentally) the Jazz, chanted in practice, "1-2-3 ... Cancun!" (Even more coincidentally, Van Exel the next season joined the Nuggets.)

This is the latest in a line of issues for Denver this season, with players' effort questioned by Shaw and Shaw's coaching questioned by at least one player.

Still, with 24 games left in a lame-duck season, it's hard to completely fault players for just wanting everything to be over.

Or is it?

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The news shook the NBA on Tuesday night: Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose, the former NBA MVP who since has been afflicted by multiple injuries, once again needs surgery, once again for a torn meniscus in his right knee.

Rose is liked throughout the league, meaning fellow players were quick to send their well wishes:

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